• Best of luck to the class of 2019 for their HSC exams. You got this!
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  • nah, i really don't trust the teachers and what they teach us hahaha. sometimes they have some decent handouts though.
    yeah i have robbo. i'm gonna revise everything asap, and then revise my knowledge of current stats, then do a few essay plans.
    ahh yeah im not good with labour market stuff. Dw trial mark of 84 is really good, your rank isnt indicative of how you will go in the hsc since the first assessment was bs anyway. I reckon if you put in the effort you could get a 90 raw mark
    I've got 3 from ext english (dropping it though). Will have more from ext 2 maths :D
    Kinda sad how we waste them fking around in free periods though haha. (Reading random pics books in the library and saying "that's your mom" "that's my dick" ect)

    You've got heaps of time. Kinda wishing i'd picked eng ext 2 up.
    hahaha you damn better be the osborn i think you are :p
    anyway i recommend you know at least 3 in detail, and more if you want to do an essay on it :)
    Lol all the smart kids are the accelerants. Nah man. My school is too dumb to offer it :p (top 100 which is ok i guess)

    Btw how's the 4 extensions combo going for you so far?
    yeahhh but a couple of months back something fucked up and the time got changed for some reason lol tbh i dont know why they havent fixed it yet...
    osssssssssssssbornnnnnnnnnnnnnnn make sure you and your accelerated friends study really really hard for the economics test we have to do in a couple of weeks
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