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  • Thank you for this. It seems we are receiving conflicting information, i would be very interested to know what the response to your follow up email is.
    "Thank you for your email and congratulations on your nomination for the UNSW AAA scholarship. One of the benefits of the scholarship is that you are guaranteed an offer into your program of choice at UNSW providing your ATAR is within 5 points of the published cut-off (except for our Medicine program). This is separate to any bonus points scheme and is essentially unaffected by it. Students awarded HSC Plus and Elite Athletes and Performers bonus points in addition to the AAA are advised that a maximum of 10 bonus points will be applied to your application to UNSW in this combination."

    but my email:

    "The Award does not offer bonus points but guarantees entry into a program at UNSW if you are within 5 points of the published ATAR cut off. HSC Plus points are not counted for this purpose but any Educational Access Points that you do receive will be counted."
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