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  • Mate I dunno what happened. A friend of mine said someone got in with 84.5 *shocked*. Whether that's true or not. The offer I received was my second preference (RMIT Civil Engineering). I've checked over my scores. Checked the prerequisites as well. Apparently to get into science you needed to get an enter over 89.05. I haven't heard anything about engineering though.
    What the hell man? You should have definitely got an offer. Was it your first preference? What was your VTAC offer yesterday? First, second or..? Cause you online get offered your first preference, if you don't want it, you can reject it.

    You definitely have the Prerequisites to get in! If it was your first offer and you didnt receive the offer, then i would call the university and find out whats the go. There may have been some mistake. The Clearly-in last year was 85, i highly doubt it flacuated to above 91.7 this year.

    Let us know how you go man. I think you will be fine.
    Hey man, sorry i didn't read your follow up message until now. Remember that ENTER requirements are all about supply and demand. Just because Monash has a higher ENTER doesn't mean it is more reputable or a better course than UoM.

    From statistics, UoM ranked the highest within VIC for Engineering. They ranked a very close second with UNSW. I dk man, i think you should stick with UoM. HIGH reputation, HIGH job prospect, Statistically a better course. But i mean if Monash is easily in terms of transport or some external factor then i would say go there.

    So did you opt to do the Bachelor of Engineering over the Melbourne Model way? I did. I'm a bit sceptical of the model.

    Yep pretty sure, though I can get into Monash as well so I don't know if I should go there cause it's a higher enter. What's your opinion on this?
    RMIT is really good for civil engineering i have heard. I was at RMIT on Wednesday, first time i had been there, really nice looking uni. I'm going to University of Melbourne next year for civil engineering. Goodluck with it man

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