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    Mens Rea 4 murder in Crim Law

    okay. i have a question... the three heads of mens rea in crim law for murder are... 1) intent to kill 2) intent to inflict grievous bodily harm 3) reckless indifference to human life. one of the three must be satisfied for the accused to be held liable for murder. in a problem question...
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    Majority/minority judgements

    i'm slightly confused...about the concept of majority/minority judgments...and was hoping someone could explain it? i know its a very broad and vague question, which is only a reflection just how little i understand it... how are u meant to use the different judgments in a problem question...
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    Hindi Tutor Wanted

    thanks (bump)
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    Hindi Tutor Wanted

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    Hindi Tutor Wanted

    hi there, hindi is my mothertongue so i know how to speak it and understand it. i generally know the grammar etc, although i do get tongue tied due to lack of fluency. the main thing i'm looking for is someone to help me out with the reading/writing. i've had a little bit of exposure to...
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    Special Consid: Exams

    i saw that - it outlines mainly illness/personal circumstances... Such causes include: serious illness or psychological condition – such as hospital admission, serious injury or illness, severe anxiety or depression. loss or bereavement – such as death of a close family member...
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    Special Consid: Exams

    just a quick question -- my laptop crashed and i lost my exam preparation. its a subject from the law faculty..and the exam is open book.... can i get special consideration? :S
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    Law: grades v. experience

    i'm a first year com/law student, and for the past few months i've been working in an alternative dispute resolution firm. its a very small firm, but the experience is really good ie. i'm not just doing secretarial work.. however on a subconcious level thats sort've made me slacken off in...
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    law essays

    please excuse the noob question but... i'm a uts student doin legal method and research this sem... we've basically been given a legal problem and told to give the person legal advice. i sorta have an idea of what im doing, but i have like...20 cases, and i'm i really need to...
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    tre iphone released in AU July 11

    oh i'm sorry, was that a yes or a no?
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    tre iphone released in AU July 11

    is there anywhere i can buy the iphone outright and not as part of a contract/plan??
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    Why do girls wear make-up?

    just the same as - why do guys gel/otherwise take care of their hair? or any other asethtic attention guys give. hair because its the most common one.. :)
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    See what song was #1 on the day you were born

    Love Shack - The B-52s
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    selling textbooks

    bump. does anyone doing business/law know whether it'll be useful to keep my blethics textbook? :)
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    law w/part-time job

    mm... well they did say they'll work around me, but from the level of responsibility for the role i get the feeling i'll be spending more towards 30hrs than 25. so their idea of flexibility is a week when i'm spending 25 hrs instead of 30... and instead of being able to cover it in the...