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    Proof question help.

    Here's a brief rundown, reply if you want a more detailed response. Take 3 points A, B and C. Draw lines AB and BC, labelling their midpoints z and y respectively. Then, draw perpendicular lines at Z and Y such that they intersect with each other at a point (say O). You can easily prove...
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    Definite Integral

    Yes there is, but it's a pain to do, which is why we don't consider it compared to first principles for differentiation. I would write it out but it's a bit of a pain with Latex, so see 4:40 of this video:
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    Human Rights

    You probably want to do both - so a more general overview as to what each body does, and then a more specific analysis of how they help enforce human rights. Remember that enforcing and promoting are 2 very different things, so you need to identify the roles as such.
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    Quantitative chemistry

    Mol of H2S = 16/(1.008*2+32.065) = 0.469 mol Mol of SO2 = 20/(16*2+32.065) = 0.312 mol This means that since the ratio should be 2:1, andn since 0.469/2 = 0.235 (Rounding), the H2S is the limiting reagent. This means remaining SO2 = 0.312 - 0.469/2 = 0.077 As such, the remaining mass is...
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    Using accelerated prelim units as my prelim units in year 11

    Well it depends on the school. Some schools allow it, others don't (Because it gives students free periods). You'd have to check with the school
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    math help

    For reference, the formulas used are: 1/2*(sin(A+B)-sin(A-B)) = 1/2*(sin(A)cos(B)+sin(B)cos(A)-sin(A)cos(B)+sin(B)cos(A)) = 1/2*(2sin(B)cos(A)) =sin(B)cos(A) and 1/2*(sin(A+B)+sin(A-B)) = 1/2*(sin(A)cos(B)+sin(B)cos(A)+sin(A)cos(B)-sin(B)cos(A)) = 1/2*(2sin(A)cos(B)) =sin(A)cos(B) and then...
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    math help

    Sorry! Compound Angles section. Ask if you want a derivation
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    math help

    That's just the difference of 2 squares, so a^2-b^2 = (a+b)(a-b) Here my stupid face was trying to simplify sin^(27)(θ)-sin^(24)(θ)
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    Binomials question

    This is actually so insanely big-brained it isn't funny. I mean for God's sakes he generalised the damn thing and still had less working than a conventional solution.
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    Mechanics question

    Huh. I have no idea. Just on a most basic physics level, I have no idea how they got that answer. This should be extremely simple - a projectile launched directly up then experiences gravitational acceleration. Just by s = ut + (at^2)/2 (Which should apply in this situation in calculating the...
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    Catcher in the Rye - 263 Uses of profanity

    247 goddams 6 - God Damn 8 - Swear to God 2 - I wish to God Ban it from the syllabus.
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    Rates 3 Unit

    NVM just realised how much of an idiot I am - can just differentiate implicitly to find the answer LOL
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    Rates 3 Unit

    Cambridge Math 9E Q13 I have no idea how I am supposed to even attempt b - I tried: db/dt = (dx)/(dt)*(da)/(dx)*(db)/(da) and dx/dt = dx/da*da/db*db/dt But it gets way too ugly,
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    Mechanics question

    Firstly, work backwards from the acceleration. Integrate the acceleration then sub in Time = 0, velocity = 60 to find the specific solution. Integrate again, and find specific solution with Time = t, Displacement = x to find the formula for displacement. This should be a quadratic. After this...
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    Does God exist?

    My deepest apologies - I will update my post accordingly