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Recent content by portia1605

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    Hsc vs trials

    Hey there, I got 99.95 in last year's HSC and found that the HSC was actually harder than trials. That was probably because of the stress, but certain papers like Advanced Paper 1 and 2, Economics and Ext 1 Maths I found difficult. On the other hand, I found English Extension 1 and 2u maths...
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    99.95 atar 2017 cheap notes

    Hey guys, I came second in the stand for Economics in 2017 with a mark of 98. I'm selling my essays (all high band 6s)- if you're interested please email me at portia.brajkovic@gmail.com. I also offer cheap essay marking for Economics and English. Thanks!
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    Let's play find the 99.95s and what school they went to

    i got 99.95, i know that two sydney grammar boys did too
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    State Rankings!

    2nd in eco and 12 in maths!
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    Post your 2017 ATAR below!

    i got 99.95 too!
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    ATAR Lower than Calculators?

    estimated 99.85/99.9 got 99.95
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    lowest mark for eco state rank?

    heck yeah i did! 2nd!!! so so so happy, although a little annoyed that i could have topped- i time managed so poorly in the exam and if i hadn't have done that i would have written better essays OH WELL still so happy
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    lowest mark for eco state rank?

    so i ended up getting 98... not sure how i feel
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    Share your 2017 HSC results here

    Eng Adv 95 EE1 48/50 EE2 47/50 (wont count) Eco 98 French Continuers 96 2u Maths 100 3u Maths 48/50
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    state rank calls!

    how do you know they're not finished @pikachu975
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    state rank calls!

    who got one? have they come out yet?
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    sydney scholars award 2018

    how did everyone go? I got put on reserve.does that just basically mean a no?
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    Coaching rates?

    i charge 40 for years 10 and below and 50 for year 11 and 12. not to be a snob, but that's what people in my area charge and what parents are willing to pay, and also I did pretty well in HSC internals (externals not released yet) so people are again willing. i think around 30 or 40 is good...
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    lowest mark for eco state rank?

    i don't actually know my average but i got 94 in trials if that's any indication. im not sure but my average may be 92 BUT that's not taking into account weightings. i really wanted it to happen and my teacher said i definitely could but i messed up timing in the exam so
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    lowest mark for eco state rank?

    what would u need to state rank eco, minimum