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    Full time student + Full time work

    I have been doing it for 3.5 years now: first year - 3 subjects per semester second year - 4 subjects per semester third year - 4 subjects per semster fourth year - 3 subjects per semster (now) fifth year - will be 2 subjects per semester. this is my third full time job during this...
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    Free uni education for all australian citizens!

    i get free uni. it's called getting your work to pay for it!
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    A Day in the Life of a Civil Engineer?

    wow i cannot believe how accurate you got all of those haha. ive worked (and worked around) all those jobs haaha
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    Job Prospects

    and good luck getting a job in this current climate (there is none!) for example in my profession, there is ONE job on offer in sydney! that is it! there is usually 5-15 jobs on offer at any given time.
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    Do you get any perks or freebies in your job?

    *mobile phone *pay my hecs debt *get days off for uni, which i still get paid for if i want, but havnt used: *they pay for a yearly train ticket upfront and you pay them back weekly *some death benefit program (cost like 10 cents a week)
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    What's your job and how much you earn?

    normal hours kinda, 8:30-5 mon-fri. then on top of this i get 1 day off a month (RDO) and 1 day off a week to goto uni, its all i need as i do night classes and some external subjects.
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    What's your job and how much you earn?

    Building Surveyor - circa 56k + all uni fees paid for (like 7k(?) a year) + 1 day off a month + 1 day off during uni semesters to attend lectures/labs/tuts + other random perks 4th year of Construction Management at UWS (yeah people from UWS can get good jobs too!).
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    Working in Engineering/Construction

    Does anyone here work in engineering or construction while studying at the same time? what degree do you do? what year are you in your degree? full time or part time study? where do you work? what is your position and what do you do? how many hours do you work? how much do...
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    What Cars does everyone drive??

    82' corolla wagon > 99' AU S falcon > 04' BA XR8! (with every bloody option :o )
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    unis teach skills over knowledge.

    being taugh critical thinking, lateral thinking etc. is largely dependant on the lecturer though.
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    What Cars does everyone drive??

    BA Mk I XR8 2004. Its a 5 speed manual, leather seats, premium sound, got a tickford 3" single catback plus the rest. Thanks :)
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    Is a research topic, you develop a research question where a pressing issue in the industry (history for you) needs investigation. consists of a literature review, then a survey or the like to test your question. generally a thesis at undergraduate level is in the order of 10,000-20,000 words.
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    Urgent help need for transfer please

    who cares? a GPA of 5.75 is EXCELLENT! you should also do another 2-3 subjects this semester which can be used as credit to subjects in the B Bus.
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    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    my sister goes to the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMASS) - sports scholarship. :wave: