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    MCQs were more ambiguous than usual, with a lot of questions having 2 possible answers, but it wasn't legitimately hard. I found the first few short answer questions kind of difficult, and I took some time. The last essay question with CAD or sustainability, was a no-brainer for most with CAD...
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    How did everyone go?

    I just wrote down everything I knew about HPLC,GLC and emission spectra for a whole page, before comparing them with another page. What did everyone do for the 4 marker between reducing and non-reducing sugar?
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    Organic and Inorganic Tests????

    Btw for the reason behind emission spectra, can we give the same reason as done in Quanta, or do we have to dumb it down?
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    Organic and Inorganic Tests????

    Before it had investigating clues and comparing chromotograms and spectras and so forth. Now it's just basially HPLC vs GLC, or DNA analysis. Just basically memorisation all the way, with a few questions that are somehow "from the syllabus".
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    Organic and Inorganic Tests????

    Yeah I saw that, the guys who put these questions don't even seem to have read the syllabus at all. Every note I've seen hasn't mentioned this, even T.B.s don't. Foresnic Chem is an interesting topic, but I can see why it's not there along with industrial.
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    Isn't the pointer showing the magnitude of the force exerted on the spring? So, since less force is exerted, it goes down to a lower value.
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    Why would it move up? Less force is measured, and it's a spring balance.
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    Isn't the pointer in Q18(or 19?) going down because the repulsive force by the coils is lessening gravitational force, so less apparent weight is measured?
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    What did people do for Wilson's cloud chamber for Y? I put gamma, cause the tracks were not zig-zag
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    For that curve I had increasing amplitude and decreasing period every half-rotation since velocity was increasing
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    2U Maths Exam Thoughts

    I feel like I got Q16 correct since all my answers have been matching up so far. I'm just banging my head on that shoe multi question. I put 1/4, but I kind of knew it wasn't the answer, and the moment I left the exam room, I knew it was 1/7.:evilfire:
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    I think Tempest would have (which is mine), but I didn't talk about rediscovery of forgiveness for Prospero, cause justifying how his value of forgiveness was 'hidden' is kind of dodgy. So, I just disagreed with it, but agreed with the 'no joy' part
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    Module B Yeats ?!

    It's a bit of both, there's a romantic sense in his 'impulse', but there's also kind of an existentialist ending that shows a transition towards mordernism. Btw if anyone's got a list of techniques in Easter 1916, it would be really helpful.
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    Stop calling my alter ego.

    Stop calling my alter ego.
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    Who's Danny?

    Who's Danny?