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  • Thanks, I'm freelancing at the moment, designing logos,newsletters, menus, etc. I'm applying to UNSW Art&Design. Fingers crossed:blink2:
    it was nice meeting (is that the word?) you, and great talking but im so tired, so imma sleep now. we'll probably talk later sometime :)
    oh thats so amazing!! im sure that one day youll do exactly that, and youll be someone who really does some good change and helps people over there, unlike lazy people like me!!! i dunno i would make a documentary, or a movie, or advertisments, but i dont think i could physically go and help... not my thing, even though it really should be.
    haha ok
    oh dear.. i heard/read you were studying to become a doctor? thats pretty awesome :) i could never be one though, im not a fan of cells.
    mmm very true.
    is it just me though, or are there a ton more guys on here than girls? maybe its the threads im looking at that are really tech related, but still?
    i see ... anyway thats just a random question i ask people because its always interesting to see what people think of these movements.
    gender-neutralism - sounds good, i would totes join that :D
    mmmm so very true and i totally see your point

    its quite upsetting how feminism has gotten a bad name for what should be well accepted!
    feminism, it the bellief that both sexes should have equal rights, however the word 'FEMIN-ist' is really off putting for a lot of people and they think its only about empowering women.... when really that is only one side.
    i support both sexes too, and understand that men can go through exactly the same amount of prejudice as women.

    idk its just what other label is there, if people want to join a movement and support equality?
    thanks ! yeah, they are pretty enticing...
    random question that i have a feeling i know the answer to: are you a fellow feminist like myself?
    ok :) yeah i did accelerated IPT this year - did the exam yesterday!
    i actually first joined just to get some Ruse past papers and resources, reading some of the forums but never posting... but now i see the benefit of discussion and its pretty cool meeting new people!
    i see, yeah when i first joined i didnt know whether to join into conversations because they were already being led by 2-4 main people for a while, and chiming in would be weird... now im better at this whole forum thing!! (maybe not that great :p)
    mm well i aint gonna be able to post much while i'm at school.. erg
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