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The divorce had been tough on both of us, and the move so far away from where we'd lived for years was going to be difficult, but it had been necessary. Mum's new job with a local law firm meant we were starting again, and I was taking a year out before uni.

Our next door neighbour, Anne Lansdowne was first to welcome us. She was absolutely gorgeous, or should I say voluptuous. She was a long time divorcee, so she was single like mum, about forty-five, curly blonde hair, huge breasts, and an infectious giggle.

The day we moved in Mrs Lansdowne brought us cups of tea and home made cakes, and I was conscious of trying not to constantly glance at her cleavage.

It was only a week since our arrival, and I was starting to get to know the neighbourhood, I'd set up my room having my desk in the window, with my laptop, games box, printer etc.

My bedroom was at the back of the house overlooking our overgrown garden, and with a view of both gardens either side.

Mrs Lansdowne's was immaculately kept, a large patio with a hot tub on the far side, and area of lawn, and raised beds, with a large summerhouse at the other end of the garden.

On the other side, Mr and Mrs Higgins had a typical garden, grass with a path down the centre, leading to a shed in the corner. Mr and Mrs Higgins were a couple in their late fifties, he was a salesman, out on the road a lot, and she was a part time accountant working from home.

Within a few days the weather became quite warm for April, and so I set to work on getting the overgrown grass into a reasonable state. I'd managed to almost finish mowing, and had worked up quite a sweat. I'd stripped off my t-shirt, and was just in jeans and trainers when, above the sound of the mower, I heard a voice calling, "Billy."

Looking up, above the top of the fence was Mrs Lansdowne's head.

"Billy, I've just made some lemonade, and saw you out of my upstairs window, would you like some?"

"Thank you," I said gratefully, "I'd love some."

"Then come on round, I was just hanging out some washing, I've got some cake too!"

"That's too much temptation," as I said it, I wasn't thinking about any innuendo.

"Come on then, and let me tempt you."

Whether she saw me blush, I'm not sure, but I was already red faced and perspiring from the lawn mowing, and I then realised what I'd said could be misconstrued.

Arriving via her side gate, I was greeted by Mrs Lansdowne sitting at her garden table on the patio, with a large jug of iced lemonade, and a plate full of cakes.

"Oh you've put your t-shirt back on, there was no need." She looked disappointed.

Mrs Lansdowne on the other hand was wearing a tight, red jersey t-shirt, the v-neck showing her cleavage, and incredibly her nipples were like little olives, pushing the fabric outwards.

Sitting down opposite her, she must have seen my eyes out on stalks, she was in tease mode.

"So tell me Billy, do you know anyone up here? Girls? Boys? Relatives?"

"Not a soul," I replied, "and having this year out, and not being in a school or college doesn't help. Anyway I'm going to get whatever work I can, my place at uni is certain, so I'll just take every day as it comes, if I meet any mates along the way, it's all good."

"Well I may have a bit of gardening that needs doing, as long as you take your shirt off!" Mrs Lansdowne winked.

I laughed and added, "Thanks for the lemonade, Mrs Lansdowne, and my cake was delicious, but I must get back to finish the grass before mum gets in, otherwise I'll be for it."

"Yes go on, I've loved talking to you, I hope I can get to know you and your mum a bit more. I've got my washing to hang out now."

I left and went back to finish the lawn. Mum was quite pleased my day had been productive because I was sure that she was concerned about me being 'isolated.' I told her about Mrs Lansdowne offering lemonade and cakes, and she commented that I might get a few odd jobs if she spread the word.

The next couple of days the weather was still mild. Mum had left for work each day, telling me to "get my lazy ass' up, and "make myself useful."

On the second morning around 9.30am, I was sitting in front of my window, in just my boxers, gaming on my laptop, when Mrs Lansdowne appeared in her garden. She immediately looked up and waved, as though knowing I'd be there.

I waved back, and she smiled, and then returned indoors. I continued gaming, and noted those wonderful breasts once more.

It wasn't more that five minutes before she reappeared, but this time she was carrying a towel, and wearing what could only be described as a fairly limited bikini.

My jaw dropped open, as I strained forward in my chair to get a better view.

I watched as she climbed into her hot tub, and switched on the bubbles.

She didn't look up, just relaxed back in the tub, and closed her eyes. Her breasts, encased in the red bikini top, were surrounded by the frothy, bubbling water. I felt my cock twitch!

My mind went into fantasy mode, imagining what those breasts would be like to touch.

Was Mrs Lansdowne doing this to tease? She knew I was there, and she hadn't looked up at my window since she'd waved earlier on.

Without thinking, my hand was on my stiffening erection, and as I squeezed, it hardened even more.

By now my eyes were riveted on the hot tub. Mrs Lansdowne seemed totally relaxed, her eyes closed. I was starting to massage my cock, which now was out in the open below my desk.

As I gazed out of the window, I was desperately wanting her to open her eyes, to perhaps see me watching her, and be aware of my boyish interest. But I think she knew that.

Instead as I continued rubbing my cock, I saw her expression change. The relaxed look became one of more concentration, one of focus. Her lips opened, then she licked them, then she closed her mouth, and seemed to grit her teeth.

In an instant I knew that under the bubbles she was masturbating!

"Oh my god," I heard myself say.

Fascinated, absorbed, I saw her finally throw her head back, and her mouth open, in what must have been a gasp as she came.

"Fuck me," I said out loud.

I kept watching as she was in the afterglow of her orgasm. As the bubbles continued, she relaxed, opening her eyes, but avoiding looking up. My hand still stroked my cock, and in only a few minutes I was ready to cum. Hurriedly I reached for the tissues, and only just in time, as my cock started jumping, shooting spurt after spurt into the paper handkerchief. I grunted, and kept ejaculating in a surprisingly extended orgasm.

Shortly after that Mrs Lansdowne clambered out of the hot tub, and I got one last look at her superb body, as she went indoors without a glance upwards.

My mind still swirling, I went and showered, and for the rest of the day I busied myself with emails, and social media stuff, catching up with my old friends down south, but still wondering about Mrs Lansdowne.

The next day brought yet another surprise.

In the house across the road lived a youngish couple, in their late twenties. They both worked, I guessed she was probably a teacher as I'd seen her carrying books indoors. He was always suited, I guessed possibly in sales, or maybe an accountant.

On this particular day I was up before mum went to work, I was going to look at joining a gym and explore the town in more detail. She'd asked me to mend a curtain rail in her bedroom, so after she had driven off I got my few tools, and set about the task.

I noticed that the guy opposite was working at a table in his lounge window. It was still only 8.30am when Mrs Lansdowne appeared from her front door, and walked directly over to his house. The guy disappeared from the window and opened the front door, even before Mrs Lansdowne had reached it. Furtively, the guy glanced outside as she entered straight inside.

There was something definitely going on, and this was intriguing.

Just minutes later the curtains to the spare bedroom were pulled shut.

My thought processes drew the inevitable conclusion, and having mended the curtain rail I remained watching the house opposite.
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