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Recent content by rachiee

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    False Eyelashes

    yeah ive used them in my tafe class there easy to put on, but you may need some one to help you apply them. they last about a week so u should be fine
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    Oh My God Stop Waxing and Shaving Now!

    hehe i have an epilator :D it works wonders
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    At what stage does someone become your boyfriend/girlfriend?

    when you have actually agreed u 2 are going out
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    Morning after pill

    take it anyway better to be safe than sorry plus whats 25 dollars compared to a couple of thousands? plus it'll have you worried for awhile and it'll constantly be on your mind
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    Question for the ladies?

    i think it's perfectly okay...though my boyfriend is always around anyway
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    What attracts you?? In term of body

    teeth. i like a guy with a nice smile and i like it when the upper body is toned up
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    Condoms or No Condoms

    yes i knowa girl who got knocked up 3 times whilst on the pill so stay safe !
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    Piercings and Tattoos

    Re: Piercings and Tats yes and yes
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    Piercings and Tattoos

    Re: Piercings and Tats lol well, i jabbed my own tongue :P long story i was in tears though
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    Piercings and Tattoos

    Re: Piercings and Tats for a split second...(when the needle goes through) but its totally worth it!
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    Piercings and Tattoos

    Re: Piercings and Tats haha u know, one of my tats is actually of a treble clef !exept its got a rose woven in it and i have my tongue too!
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    The Drinking Thread!!!!

    lol yeah, why did you say i'd get pist off at you for wrighting that ? im not embarsed about it. i <3 goon. it's just not my fave. mainly for the fact that i got real sick on it and did stupid stuff which i cant remember and wish i did
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    How and where did you meet your GF/BF??!!??

    through a friend i met at a rave
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    formal dress - where?

    it depends how formal you want it.. harts is really good, but really expensive.. but they dresses are really elegant.. try urge in westpoint blacktown-really nice dresses
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    Eye Make-up

    choose colours that will compliment your eye colour and dress. eg. bright blue eyes can be complimented with pale blue eye shadow.. try fake eyelashes too. but dont full go overboard with the black eyeliner cauze then you'll look really goth!