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    Problems With Marking

    There have been many reported cases of students, in their comparisons, being unable to understand the system to which their marks were calculated. There have been court cases charged against the Board of Studies already. The 'Clerical Recheck', and the vast amount of cases where the UAI and...
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    Individual and Society

    so no one actually talks about the subject in here...u sad cases. how many pages did ppl write for Q5 and Q6? i need to compare... i did about 9 for both - dosnt seem enough
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    Religion & Ethics

    for q 1 - u think SHARIA divine law is right? never hard of an ethical system...only source. marking scheme this year was a bit off - didnt allow me to elaborate all of luck -
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    Stuuuupid Exam

    very true that you couldntr 'show off' your knowledge, there were no specifics. i studied for so long for bio to get a simple bullshit exam like that where most of my good shit stayed waiting to surface..oh well
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    Stuuuupid Exam

    what was the 8 mark q on? what did it say
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    no one knows how the markers will mark - so stop askin the questions if you write RODS/PHOTORECEPTORS then obviously you will get the mark, as they are an extension of the other enough will the will i get this will i get that the communication part i thoght was a breeze, the rest was...
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    North Shore Schools

    chatswood - useto go there was meroise adam noakes - hasem - navid - nima - MINAI - you half persian? whats the other half? is that a pic of u? you don look persian! yeah i know aki. played basketball together
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    North Shore Schools

    I know this is kinda weird but im curious...if you go to a school in the North Shore (Chatswood up) let me know - we might know eachother! ;) try to get ppl familiar with others on the net...sned a pic if u can aight hey to every1 at st ives rz
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    Format and Setting of Major Work

    I posted this thread, but it seems like a bulshit chatroom now. ha thanks AsyLum for that sheet - clarifies alot - but i jus handed my MW in yesterday. thanx anyway - best of luck everyone rz
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    The Individual and Society

    i walked out of the extension 1 exam last week thinkin 'omg that was so hard..' i couldnt answer the Q properly - my friends were talkin about how easy it was - the second Q which i couldnt do. i felt so stupid knowin i found it so hard then i realised i did the wrong question!!! fuck...
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    Option: Communication

    we jus started communications, with some 60 days to the HSC, and our teacher has told us, literally, to "start teaching ourselves" coz theres no way we'll get thru in time. amazing. this is my future she's playing with. good lukc to you all. the reason why bio is so scaled down is coz so...
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    Format and Setting of Major Work

    Its stated that the major work hasto be double spaced. I know that. There's no indication about the Reflection Statement though. Who has double spaced it? I know the markers are picky, so i wanna make sure i get this right. Also, can anyone refer me to a site (BOS?) that tells me whether the...
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    Major Work Presentation

    can anyone tell me what the required presentation is for the Short Story Major Work? I know it's size 12 font, Times or Arial, but does anyone know if the editing (space between dialogues) makes a difference? Can anyone please give me a site from the Board indicating these requirements...thanx...
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    The Individual and Society

    why was i directed to this reply in email? it had nothin to do wit my post...i think... I&S was admitted by one of the board judges for Extension English in a lecture at Hornsby Library to be the driest English course. At least I have backup now! ;)
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    Scaling at TAFE and school

    yea it makes sense... man its 1am and i got bio and english tomoz and i jus started english studying...this is bad