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  • wow, you guys seemed really close ! I'll go talk to him for you and see what he has to say . I'm pretty sure he'll have a lot to say to you !. He's also hectic at basketball, karate and has guns hahaha. That's insane, did you do OC? because i'm pretty sure you would have gotten in if you did :D

    well, he's around top 50 out of 138, i'm not sure how he did for the most recent set of exams for generally he's around there... so yeah :D
    Haha, sort of, yeah. We've talked, I mean, I've talked to everyone in my grade so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I know some sort of personal information about Tom. He's a really nice guy, went out with a couple of my friends

    Ahhh, I see :D, were you guys close?
    so picnic point aye? haha. he's doing well, particularly well in maths, maybe not as well as you :L but still considerably well in ruse :D .

    Want me to relay a message to him?
    "1st for maths with 100% in 5.3 with 0 study lol. 1st in commerce and history elective. Top 5 for everything else, not sure what rank exactly since they don't tell us."

    you will be the next matt rodney
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