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  • It's not the teachers - they are pretty good(most of them) - it's just the students don't want to learn. The top class is pretty competitive I guess, but other than that the rest of the kids don't care at all.
    Not really, I'm a pretty self-motivated person so I just learn it all at home anyway. I can't see what difference it would make if I went to a different school or went to the OC class. Its a funny story because in the local maths competition between primary schools around my area, my school beat the OC class(went to a tie breaker question, of which we got).

    Honestly I've always wondered what it would be like to go to James Ruse, just to see the differences in atmospheres etc compared to Picnic Point.
    I didn't try out for OC, wanted to stay with my friends that I had made for my last two years of Primary. It's going to feel so awkward if he barely remembers me since it was so long ago lol.
    We were like best friends I think(well from my perspective we were lol). We basically destroyed the rest of our grade though(I came 1st, he came 2nd, then there was no one near us lol). I remember being very disappointed when I heard he was leaving our school. Do you know roughly what his rank is in your year for maths? I want to see how I'm going compared to your school since it's the top of the state.
    Lol I go to Picnic Point High, but didn't go there for Primary. He left our Primary School for the OC class at Picnic Point lol. How do you know he went to Picnic Point though? Do you know him well or are you from around here too?

    Anyway, if you want to relay a message, my name's Matthew, so he should know who I am if you tell him. Not sure what to say though haha.
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