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  • Awesome, you'll be seeing Jen too and maybe Penny ^^ Aha, too many bands to pick from eh? XD

    Congrats on learning them all! I've had enough english for today so i'm doing physics instead lol

    Nawww, gluck with everything!! See you wednesday :)
    Aha, so i was right. My friend told me i should do some general probability but instead of using trees and stuff like you guys do, i should apply 3U XD

    LOL i didn't get much done at all but i'll do a physics paper tonight :) Congrats on
    memorising that essay ^^

    Wow, thanks for the youtube links! I'll definitely have a look at them after exams are over and thanks for the extra song :D

    Hehe, i already have my soundwave ticket. Yes, OMG PLACEBO ARE COMING! I'm going mainly to see Paramore though ^^ Are you going?
    Yeah they are amazing ^^
    LOL, if you want you could always start a thread and ask, just make sure it's in the right forum :)

    Yeah, my maths exam is the same monday ^^
    Aha i'm always doing a past paper because 4U past papers take forever >.>
    Ooo i was wondering, are there probability questions in general maths exams involving permutations and combinations (nPr and nCr on calculators)?
    Yeha, same day but one year apart :) Oh, that really sucks. I wish my last week wasn't so squished - chem, modern and physics are one day after the other ><"

    Ah, so 2U, general and MXT2 have the same exam time. I'll be seeing in the hall then :)

    That's great! I'll probably remember my AOS tomorrow, i feel like doing some maths and modern tonight :) Ahaha, if i was only doing 3U i'd be finished by now but the 4U papers are quite lengthy. Oh last year i got a band 6 for 2U, not that i counts at all seeing as i am doing 4U lolol.
    Aha, i doubt anything would happen on Friday the 13th ^^

    Perhaps you should study for maths during the week before textiles :)
    Nope, i haven't seen the Wackness but i'll be sure to put it on my list of movies to see after the HSC :D

    Not much study, unfortunately it's my parents' birthdays today T.T How about you?
    Aha, a pm = personal message. If you click on my name there should be an option do send a personal message. Or you could just click the "Private Messages" link in the top right hand corner underneath you username. But don't worry, i've pm'ed you ^^

    Oh, i have a few general past papers if you want them :)
    Ahahaha, i figured that it was Saryne XD
    You can make your own account if you log out of Rebeccas (there's a link in the top right hand corner). When you log out, the register link will replace the Log out link :)
    Aha, what are you doing up that late in the morning? XD
    Yeah, our school is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hmm i have past papers, sorted into schools if you want them. They might help a bit because doing past papers is the best way to revise for maths :)
    I'm sure you'll do fine~
    By the way, what's your msn? Just pm me ^^
    Just refresh the page with our convo :)
    And it doesn't have to be a photo - it could just be an image like mine ^^
    Yeah, i'll be going to the UWS and the UNSW open days, how about you?
    I won't be on for the rest of the night, so expect a delayed reply XD
    You know the picture that everyone has? That's an avatar - you have default question mark now aha

    That's good then, if you feel good then you probably did really well :)
    I'm sure you got higher this time around for english ;)
    I know i came 1st overall for 4units, expecting no more than 8 marks lost for english (between the 2 papers), physics and chem should be around the top 3 overall marks. But that's just all predictions right now, i guess i'll see tomorrow *sighs
    I think i did quite well in trials. I managed to do what i set out to do and i should do better than my predicted worst scenarios so it's all good. How about you?

    Tomorrow, well for some subjects you should get them back ie general/2U maths/sciences but for some others like english it might take longer,

    Yeah, this site is really addictive. Oh and get an avatar ;)
    Ahaha just looking at your "about me" section and you're Rebecca from Modern.

    Why hello there - this site is quite addictive... i suggest that you get off it while you can :p
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