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  • Overall, i didn't really like the paper. It seemed too long. But the positive side is that the aligning of marks will be shifted downwards and it'd be easier to get a 98 or 99 aligned.
    I think i did okay and the paper seemed a bit tedious. Nothing was difficult till the last part of Q8. Just the time limit seemed a big factor in the test especially with the last mechanics question.
    That's alrite. 110 is very good. I'm hoping for the same but i might get about 105 opposed to 110 but that would have an almost 0 effect on my aggregate. What do you think 105-110 will get? 99 or so?
    Congrats with the great marks on the languages. How do you think you went in 4unit maths?
    Well I dunno, that's what appeared on my screen when I checked last December. I know I didn't get a state ranking, but these are what appeared.
    Your signature says you did Greek and Extension Greek last year, getting 98 and 50 respectively. Forgive me for being sceptical, but the top 5 in both courses last year had nobody from Redfield, plus I know that the guy who came 5th got a mark of 96. If you got 98, then it's a bit contradicting. Then, in Extension, UAC scaling table has the highest HSC aligned mark as being 49, yet you say you got 50. ???
    Yeh, I like my languages. That's what i'll be doing at uni also. Hoping to get into BA(Languages) at USyd.
    Holy crap, you have a knack for languages (just looking at your signature).
    Good work @ 3U French.
    Are you going to study it further? (@ Uni, I mean...)
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