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  • Is circumference of a triangle the circumfrence of the circumcircle or the perimeter of the triangle?
    Ah yes, maybe something like that. Could be interesting to research something like that and do a project on it. Anyways in regards to your post on the integration marathon, are you sure that we can integrate sin(sinx)?
    About that one, I made it up on the spot without doing it, I intended the person to use the Gaussian pairing trick which can be used to solve the problem without the (-1)^k, I don't know if it works for this so if it doesn't I apologise lol
    I'll have a better look at it soon.
    hmmm alright fair enough. thats pretty cool. im interested in maybe applying maths skills to something chemistry-related, but havent really investigated, i can do that after i get there :p what branch of engineering falls to your liking?
    Ah yes I have seen it before and I frequent it sometimes. Unfortunately a lot of the problems are way beyond first year uni (which I know bits and pieces of) so I can't do much besides ask my own problems sometimes hehe
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