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  • Yeah ikr. I've almost finished all of the study guides. This site has some good notes for our english work. Check em out.
    He was alright lol. Didn't really teach too much.
    Also lol you know how i signed up under two names (now you do). I forgot one of them hahahahha. So i had to say 3 different names to the reception woman lol. =='

    And haha i keep negging Kurstan. So he keeps going from 2 green bars to 1. Hahahahahhahahahahahahaha.
    Lol nice to hear. Mines were pretty alright. Had Elaro for english hahahahhahahaahhaha (he kept on picking on me lol)
    Umm i missed the bus then it started raining on me. So i was like Fk DIS SHIEET and went home lol.

    Ready 4 skool brah?
    Lol they're both probably depressing. I wanterd to kill myself after seeing it haha.

    Anger me? I <3 you bby.
    Crap, where'd the holidays gooooo?!?!?!?!?
    Lol m8. I watched it at the start of the holidays but i cbf watching it again to do the guide. Just doing it all from memory lol.

    I dunno. Is there a real difference between either?
    Yeah ikr we aren't even fking studying it till like T3. I'd have probably forgotten all of it lol.

    You finished the study guides?
    Nah lol i dunno. It's just having the exact dates and times i'm going on my wall is a little weird haha.
    I reckon if people looked hard enough they could find me: name, school, suburb and a good description of how i look lol.

    Ohh nice, yeh ohsosexy told me. I'll see you dere at mx1 :) (lol i almost completely forgot about it)
    Lol i had to delete that message as soon as i saw it. And you missed one of the dates :p (i'm going english also). Which ones are you going to?

    Umm nah i'm gonna do the sheets in this week. Are the questions hard?

    And yeah dayum those patterns are effed up. Have you tried fixing that shit?
    Haha it'll be good to read it. Get it over and done with (impress that ruse teacher :p). Crap mani haven't done nearly enough work as i thought :( (starting to panic)

    Haha yeah biatch i'll stalk you better. I already know you're going to dat alpha omega thingo.
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