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  • One other thing - timetable page says for BIOL1003: "The central timetable does not have reliable details for this unit of study, please consult the department" ....um this mean the lectures, tutes and pracs may change?
    Hey, what should I use to write notes in lectures? I was going to get some 5 lecture notebooks...yes/no?
    Did you go to the bucky ball (wait is that 2nd or 1st sem)?
    Also, I know you didnt do BIOL1003, but do you know anyone who did? What kind of pracs? Whats the workshop involve?
    Can I ask you if you think its worth attending the biology or chem school welcomes? Im planning on attending the science faculty welcome. I was supposed to have an appointment thurs 28th but if its not on i may go into oweek again.
    Honestly, the advisor and people at enrolment didn't seem to think it was an issue doing CHEM1001/1002...so yeah.
    Yes but Im not doing BIOL1001/1911 and BIOL1903 needs like 90+ HSC or band 6 bio :)!!!! So no need for chem supplementary course if i gets into med sci?
    I only got band 5 phys and bio, band 4 chem. I wont tell the actual marks ;)
    Im only doing fundamentals chem too. Actually I did well in phys and bio in HSC, just chem was kinda avg. So I might do the chem supplementary course next year.
    I know, i was going to do phys1001 and phys1003 originally but i dont want to end up with not high enough of a mark to be considered for transfer.
    Meaning i like physics, but when you bring calculus into it, it can get tedious. Besides, I probs wont need the higher phys classes anyway.
    I dont like physics with calculus....Its scary. Funnily enough calculus is easy on its own.
    So im basically now doing:

    and I want to attempt transfer into 2nd year med sci. And I again have no idea what im going to major in.
    I changed my units to include MBLG1001. I love my current timetable, its just that cause theres only lectures in week one I have two 4hr gaps on wed and thurs!
    Thanks for the tip. ;D Prior to posting, I was actually debating over whether or not I should. Haha.
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