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  • Hey! I know it has been a while hasn't it!! I am great! How could I not be, it's holidays! xD How are you? Hows your bow going?
    Heyyy I'm great :D SOrry for the very late reply, I didnt realise I had messages D: how have your holidays been?

    Have you done much art?

    Ive done a little bit, but hardly any homework... Eeep. I dont want to go back to schooool!
    Awww thankyou!!! :)
    No yours are great!! You have some really nice pieces! Dont worry you'll find your style, just keep experimenting with different media and see what you most enjoy and feel comfortable with.
    Yeah prismacolours are amazing ^^ They are a brand of coloured pencils, but they have such a rich colour pigment and a really smooth laydown.. ANd you can build up many layers of colour and blend them so easily... Mmmm I'm in love haha. SO much better than ordinary pencils. Try them out if you ever get the chance.
    oh ok
    i need to go off cos i need to study for SOR, nice talking. c u um, next next week
    LOL! i'm being honest here.
    LOL! and yea, i can already tell that you're at visual arts
    wow, people in your class are very competitive

    yea, it's true everybody has their unique style at art but i dont know, my style is not that good. LOL!

    yea, i have a deviant art page but i havent been on it for years. I dont think you should bother adding me. i'm not active on it.
    thanks for the add XD
    8) So who may this be?
    I can see you've been talking to my pal anne LOL
    OMG! ur so creative and artistic
    Wish i was like u ><
    LOL! yea, i checked out ur yr11 prints. you're probably the best artist in the school arent u? ;)
    hey that NAS thing sounds cool even though i've never heard of it.

    awwwzzz... you poor thing. GOODLUCK!

    I'm off to bed now. Feel free to message me still. I'll reply when i come online again.
    They're awesomeee! =D
    They look so good. I envy you now ><
    and that visual journal must be priceless, it looks so beautiful. You must of spent a lot of time on it.
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