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  • hey hey, i sent the notes to your email. physics wasnt as hard as i thought. it didnt murder me completely, but ill wait until my results.. :-S
    heyy, uhm, i can send you those notes tomorrow after my physics exam, if thats okay??
    nothing like a last minute cram.. haha. eeep.
    LOL I just read your comment: "mate please think of me Rhys tomorrow I am relying on the positive vibes and energy of others in order to win the exam as well as my intense cramming which commences at 4am. I love you sir". You bloody pro.
    Hahaha I was at home with some mates at like 2am on a Sunday morning a few months ago, and it was on Showtime and was the only entertaining thing on TV at that time of night. I laughed so fucking hard at it.
    It was not a breeze man. Extended responses were hard!!
    But i think i did alright, quite happy at the moment.
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