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    State Ranks

    thanks for clarifying guys
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    State Ranks

    Really? I was under the impression that state ranks were awarded on the basis of external marks only. Someone who ranked equal 3rd (I think) in my grade topped the state for adv eng, she got 99 externally and I got 98 externally (so our overall HSC mark would be the same?). Meh, guess I'll...
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    State Ranks

    I'm stressing out because there's not a lot of info on this, but is 98 external close to being a state rank for English Advanced? Kinda scared now. D:
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    UAC and HSC marks?

    MSN k thanks, my estimates will turn up to be too high then.
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    UAC and HSC marks?

    hey, does anyone know whether the UAC takes into account your HSC mark overall or your raw marks when it determines your ATAR? Like say for physics I got 90 externally and 91 internally, so my overall HSC mark is 91, does the UAC (when calculating my ATAR) just take the rounded 91 mark or does...
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    Share your 2010 HSC results here

    Units Courses Entered Examination Mark Assessment Mark HSC Mark Performance Band Board Developed Courses 2 Chemistry 94/100 89/100 92 6 info 2 English (Advanced) 98/100 99/100 99 6 info 1 English Extension 1 48/50 48/50 48 E4 info 2 Mathematics Extension 1 96/100 95/100 96 E4 info 2...
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    Post your predicted ATARs

    Grats you brainy bastard Happy with 99.8 myself, but I reckon I'll be lower.
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    First Place in Course List

    I really don't think so, but I'm thankful that I'm gonna be getting an awesome internal mark. =D
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    First Place in Course List

    WOW, nice job sharon and pasindu you beasts!!
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    What do people think will be the essay questions for economics?

    I certainly hope so. I've mostly been studying in depth for only the first 3. I basically ignored/glanced over case study, CAD and stuff like globalisation, in anticipation that they'll ask what I think they'll ask. Let's see how it pays off. D:
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    Economics game

    Causes: - lower economic rate of growth - contractionary macroeconomic policies (aggregate demand fall) - the contraints on economic growth consstrain employment growth too - increase in labour participation rate increases unemployment in the short-term (Okun's Law) - increase in productivity...
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    hsc 2009 predictions

    Sorry to break the bubble, but I doubt they'd ask about macroeconomic policies for the extended response two years in a row. Environmental + Labour market Policies/MER/Structural change + case study + something from topic 1/2 (like protection, exchange rate, globalisation impacts etc). This...
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    Eco question

    Urgh, got my effects mixed up. I'm gonna bomb multiple choice at this rate. Thanks for clarifying.
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    Eco question

    The answer specified the value of the AUD in 2007, and not in 2008 like what you're saying.
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    Diagrams in essays?

    Could someone suggest the optimal, recommended amount of diagrams per extended response? Don't want to overshoot it XD