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Recent content by samuelblayden

  1. samuelblayden

    how young is 2 young??

    18 with a 16 just yes
  2. samuelblayden

    Am I famous?

    This Is Really Random
  3. samuelblayden

    how do you tell a guy you like them

    just tell him
  4. samuelblayden

    NRL : The Official NRL Thread 2006

    I think the 3 teams for the grand final will be eels, knights, and cowboys, wooden spoon to the warriors
  5. samuelblayden

    NRL : The Official NRL Thread 2006

    newcastle knights all the way
  6. samuelblayden

    How does this guy feel?

    he likes u awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  7. samuelblayden

    School too girly?

  8. samuelblayden

    Go Penrith High!

    go tuncurry senior campus
  9. samuelblayden

    NRL Thread

    go newcastle knights
  10. samuelblayden

    Star Wars Fan Club

    oh well just look around u should find one
  11. samuelblayden

    Star Wars Fan Club

    if not why don't u start one I love star wars but I live in forster
  12. samuelblayden

    DAILY TELEGRAPH - Top 200 schools

    yea my school is 196
  13. samuelblayden

    Australia tobacco free in 20 years

    it will be never stopped