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  • hahahaha *phew* got out of that one :D omg im looking forward to australia day one dayer tmrw, aus better bat first, score 300, pakis come in, kamran akmal fires up, afridi fires up, and they get out for 298 with 3 balls to spare!!! now THAT wud be a gun game

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh ive never really got into comedians, however i found this one guy: Pablo Francisco SO FREAKIN FUNNY!! xD but ye i'll check out the bogan Carl xD
    hahahahaha gosh i LOVE it when you're sitting near some crazy funny ppl! :D and lolol well done on the blonde moment ^_^ was there anyone around to hear it and pay you out??? lol

    hmmmmmmmmm i mite have to search up this "bogan comedian" o_O
    I should have drank before I went, I was like "nah I'm too hungover". Got there and was like awwww I want to be one of those drinkers :(. But it was still great! I was sitting near about 10 extremely drunk guys, who'd starting drinking obv before the game. First ball was a four so they all got up "yep, great game, I've seen enough" just saying the funniest shit. Dougie played great!!! Crowd went crazy whenever he came nears us! I had a real blonde moment, I was like "oh I can't wait for Siddle to come on he'll be sweet"... look and he's almost finished his over. Derrrr.

    Oh yeah, reminding me of Carl Barron, I am going to take one of his dvds to my grandparents house, they might like it. But I will certainly be pissing myself. It's great stuff :D! Going to spend the day down in the shire with my grandparents spoiling me!!! I hope so :p
    YEP YEP thats wat makes one day cricket good, when it gets close at the end, and the aussies pull thru!! :D hahaha well done on the timing =P oh well gave u more time to get "fired up" *cough* drunk *cough* before the game ^_^

    ohhhhhh a BOGAN comedian eh??? now THATS cool :D

    phewwwwwwwwwww so i dun have to worry about it yet then xD

    btw did you enjoy the cricket today, dougie was on freakin fire with the ball =]]]
    ohhhhhhhhhhh lol well ye in the summer my house is full of bugs =S tbh our house isnt exactly the cleanest thing around so its no surprise lol. hahahaha you ran away from it??? well i guess ur a girl so that can be excuse ^_^

    GO DA AUSSIES!!!!!!! xD cameron white played a heaps good innings, really saved our skins, looks like its gonna be a pretty tight series atm, and enjoy it tmrw hopefully gonna be a gun game!!! :D lol ye theres so many funny things that happen there xD (sorry i dun know hu carl barron is =S lol)

    ohhhhhhhh gosh so u improve ur beach body by GOING to the beach??? thats WIN WIN scenario xD xD so clever :D

    WTFFFF we have to go to unsw for a student card?!?!?! wat the hell does that do??? lol im so unorganised, and yea lol on 1st March when it starts perhaps we'll bump into each other completely lost!!! lol
    hahaha i like ur style, however with the crumbs, since its summer all the cockroaches are out, so i wud have them crawling all over me all nite =S lol. oh gosh sunburn SUCKSSSSSSS i hate it!!!!!!!! i lather up SO much sunscreen when i go out in the sun lol

    haha ye he hits huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge, and he's about to come in ^_^ cant wait lol. OMG yes drunk ppl at the cricket are so effing funny, at a twenty/20 game last season this drunk guy ran out onto the ground to a gatorade esky, took out a whole bunch of gatorades and started throwing them to the crowd, I FUCKEN KILLED MYSELF LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!
    and i agree about ur fat ppl policy LOL :D

    hahahaha *phew* i wont be the only lost drongo lol, and definitely a good thing that maccas is the otherside of the campus with the amount u seem to be going from the beach. i dun really go to tha beach that much, it takes like 1hr+ to get there =S lol
    GAH a sandy bed, that wud majorly suck lol, since its summer i dun use any sheets so all the dirt/sand etc i can just scrape off easily :D

    hahahaha ok fair point, well afridi is the one that is like one of the biggest hitters in world cricket, fark i remember one six he hit at the SCG went out of the freakin stadium, it was SO EFFING HUUUUUUUUUUGE!!!!! lol it looks like u got ur sunday morning planned out nicely xD and fuk yea i LOVE the cup snakes, the best part is that security always tries to break them up, its so fukn funny to watch the crowd control dudes hitting the cup snakes and collecting all the cups lol

    thanks heaps xD lol i have no idea where the med builidngs wud be =S lol ive only been to UNSW once lol, first couple of weeks ima think i'll struggle a bit lol
    hahaha yep yep thats EXACTLY how i see it, i am still technically a child so im ALLOWED to act immature and crap :D and tbh if they heard a *creak* *creaK* *creak* coming from ur room im SURE they wud be assuming something else was happening in there ;) lol jks. but i think if i jumped on my bed it wud break =[[[

    thats gonna be heaps fun!! is shahid afridi gonna be playing for tha pakistanis in the one dayers?? and lol most of the ppl that end up smashed have a lot to drink BEFORE the game, and then drink a SHITLOAD of light beer (as evidenced by those MASSIVE beer cup snakes they make lol)

    hey yea i did get UNSW med :D i was so freakin happy xD xD and looks like you also got your first preference!!! CONGRATS :D
    hahaha omg im in the exact same boat as you!! im still 17 too, turning 18 in early feb -__- and ur rite it really sucks still being 17 lol ur excluded from almost EVERYYYYYTHING, at least i was able to go to the Rise Against concert last nite :D not excluded from that =P

    ahhhhhh who's the one dayer against??? and lol definitely have the drink beforehand, cos even if you COULD get the drinks theyr, they are SHIT expensive, and in terms of beer, its all light beer lol
    hahaha nahh its not pokemon, its the main character from the series Prince Of Tennis (PoT) his name is echizen ryoma :D he's fully siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick ^_^

    hahahahahahaha wat a sight that wud have been!!!!!!! =]]] oh mannnnnnnn state of origin is like event of the year!!!!!!! (along with NRL grand final and new years cricket test) xD xD
    ahhhhhhh sex in the city *eugh* =P lol well i guess thats better than when i used to d/load animes at skool to watch hahaha :D

    ye they really hammered it, i think andrew symonds got like 45 of 20 balls =S ummmmmm i dun think the fans are that against each other, state of origin is full of passion and also those that get really into it are pretty bogan (ie; my family lol)
    oh entourage eh? i never watched that (i dun have foxtel at my house) but i have heard good things about it.
    ye, qld smashed like 112 of their 9 overs (game was shortened) and nsw were at one stage 7/21 but got to like 56 or something. ye it rained heaps hard at the game for like 1.5hr, but then it cleared up. and nah nothing good happened AT ALL lol obvs a very good nite for me lol
    hahahahaha ye that and also on dk's jungle, and royal raceway, all tha big jumps the person coming last just lightnings, but as a sacrifice they must be prepared to be beaten up by everyone they screwed up!!! xD

    :eek: how dare your mum!! she deserved the cold shoulder then ^_^ i guess i shud start to get rid of some of the crap that infests my room tho =S lol

    omggggggggggggg the cricket tonite sucked balls!!!!!!!!! sat in the rain for farken ever just to see them primitive qld'ers smash the blues, so depressing lol
    Haha like when someone who was coming like last would use the lightning bold on Wario Stadium over that jump bit on someone they didn't like. I did this to my brother a few times and literally got smashed for it. So what did I do? I did it again bahaha.

    You have the same system as me! To someone who just comes in, it looks messy. But I know where everything is, so it's not messy to me. I specifically told my Mum at the beginning of December that I was starting the "moving" process and if you touch any of my stuff you're dead. I came to Syd for like a week in Dec and she'd moved a bunch of stuff, I nearly killed her with the cold shoulder when I got home. Grrrrr!
    ahhhhhhhhh the good ole days *nostalgia sets in =P*
    and yes i loved the "unofficial truce" tactic which always ended up with one person staying out of trouble, then coming in at the end to kick their "team mates" ass!!! lol

    hahahahaha teach ur mum a lesson eh?? give her the old back hand =P but ye i hate when my stuff gets moved around, cos although it LOOKS messy, i know where EVERYTHING is, i have a weird system of organising stuff which allows me to put it in a hap hazard manner but still organised xD
    LOLOL i still got my nintendo 64, with FOUR working controllers xD xD the other week i saw 3 mates of mine walking past my house and was like "hey guys come in" and we ended up cracking out the nintendo and playing mario karts/super smash bros for about an hour, it was epic fun xD

    so i feel AMAZINGLY sorry for you that ur mum got rid of it =[[[
    and LOL DS!!!!!!! =P
    lol well it looks like i'll keep catching public transport then, if it costs so much money :D

    ohhhhhhhhahaha fair enuf, i mite search it up xD

    lol ye a fren gave me a card for one of the games in like yr4 and from then on i was HOOKED!!! i poured so much money into them -___- OMGGGGGGGG mario karts!!! woohoo i STILL play that game with frens ^_^
    oh lol quite a journey, btw i think the first tunnel was the HARBOUR tunnel lol, and then ye all them M something roads (thats sort of close to the area i live in)

    masterchief??? no i havnt =S wat are they??

    lol well i spent ALL MY MONEY when i was younger playing racing games at the arcades, and so when i got in tha car i was uber confident LOL and scared the shit out of my mum :D but ye i live in a fairly quiet area so it wasnt too bad learning lol
    hahahaha well i HATE gps anyway. My mate was driving me to our soccer game, and i was like "ye man i know the way" he's like "nahhhhhh i got gps, it'll show me" and we ended up getting there at half time cos the frikkin gps led us this complete round about way and got us stuck in traffic!!!

    LOLOL $20 to get to blacktown!!!!!! holy crap!!!! it costs me like $2 to get there by bus xD oh the wonders of not having a license =P (i only got my learners' license like a month ago @_@ lol)
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