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  • Dear Secant,

    No worries, lol... you are a good person I know that...

    Sorry about all the stuff I said to you... it is not the end of the world. So from now on we will be best friends and help each other coz.

    Don't worry. its ok.

    I thank you for the comments, can I say something, please stop being a troll becasue it is going to waste you important time of studying medicine.

    btw did you really gte in to med, are you serious lol.

    How did you get in, any tips for me.
    As a muslim brother, I suggest you should not waste you not ime here. Go to study.

    From now, I am going to leave this forum forever, becasue I need to study hard an dget into medicine, lol.

    After I was you firend, how come you being sad to me, lol

    I am not Omed62, my name is Peter... I justed needed help here so thats why I came...

    sorry if I was annoying you or someting... you know like you said I should go to study, lol.

    Ok. see you

    I didn't really mean to heat you... sorry for what I posted on you profile. I am just going to leave from now on...

    good luck in Uni lol,

    if you ever need my help, I will be there to help you... I am just tryng to be nice to you from now on...

    please from now on... just move on to something else and stop posting stuff becase your wasting your own time..

    I understand what you mean... good luck coz,
    haha... piece of shit... guess what my gangs coming for you... so get prepared to go to hell.
    yur completely fucked up... dame shit... you get drama... I will fuck you up... just fuck off and next time don't cry
    do you start crying in the middle of the night... where is my gang when you get scared... haha

    look at you man.... your so ugly, that when a girl looks at you... she starts running away... Know one likes you bro... they just act that they want to join your stupid gang.

    have you even seen a really gang... do you want to see in real life or are you scared and want you crews hiding behind you back... dame cunt
    I will fuck you over first then I will fight your fucked up ugly crew since your scared...

    Fucken dame piece of shit... why are you sacred with your ugly eastern face... I think your an eastern ugly cunt with a fake mask... what are you hiding from, put your actually photo... so I can see how ugly you may be... haha dame shit


    Your mamma is so fat that when you step in to the texi, so could even get in.

    Your so dame, that when you start to open you book, you don't know you to tutor... because no one wants to see you fucked up face... haha

    dame cunt... since you so dame... you decided to make up a fake gang... How stupid can't you get... are you gonna ask your dame crews to give you some adive... now

    Your fucked up... becasue I can just get you annoyed and you will start posting dame comments on my profile. You know what that doesn't bother me... haha

    fucken dame shit...
    One sick cunt response so far from my nigga johnstan, waiting for at least 5 responses so we can start our operations. The first will be operation aesthetics (3 hours in the gym everyday) and simultaneous to that will be operation Omed in which we try to exterminate Omed (will be challenging since he received terrorist training in his hometown).

    ~peace out homie~
    I am completely fined... dame shit but look at youy situition when you fucked get pumped then you will know... just wait... scared ugly face

    you seem to have anger management genetics... ugly face, look at your look tail at the back... I can just pull it and your will fall down... scared thats why you need you screw help.. fuck off lol
    To all my homies out there, if you think you have sick cunt in you then come join my crew.
    PM me if interested.

    ~peace out homie~
    I am online right now... dame mother fucker... go do what ever you want and at the end you will fucken die... dame piece of shit... who da fuck are you...

    I will stay online when ever I want... you wanna fucken get pumped by my nigga's asshole... go to fucken sleep, I think you still dreaming... i have five years of material arts pratracice I will fuck you over when ever I want... so fuck you self right now dame cunt
    lol, acting like this want do anything. Your not in HSc anymore, so you should get out of the site.

    Do you even have life, lol did't you said you finished HSC. so this is not your place.
    get your fucken fax right?

    Cunt... your nothing bro... so don't act cool... I would fuck you up right now.... if I see you with that ugly mask on you fucked up face... Who are you bro comin to post shit on my thread... fuck off lol.

    I am sick of you... go to fucken study lol
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