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    Folio Headings

    That woudl be really mad if you could post these headings ofr still havign alot of trouble distinguishing the two. Thanks heaps
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    illegal assessments?

    sorry but i think your gettign ripped off. Are you sayign that you had to hand in other assemsments other than and innovation or sections of you MDP!...if so that suxs and you teachers are slack...thats way to much work! Every assesment weve had has been to submit a part of our folio...
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    Folio Headings

    can anyone tell me the difference between 'selection and use of ideas and resources' and identification and justification of ideas and resources'...its got me stumped. :confused:
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    Work placement

    Does anyone else have to do 1 week work experience??? I think it sux...yr 12 man...i mean do we really have teh time to do work placement for such an easy subject????/
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    Anyonle else really far behind???

    2nd term of yr 12 and im sooooo far behind im my MDP. We have an assesment on it due this friday...only the first part of he folio and im havign alot of trouble starting!!!!! AARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...somebody comfort me! :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    Piss off everyone!!! stop usign my account!

    Sorry but my whoel class was using my accont and i got pissed of...stupid computers are all networked together. SORRY
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    Related material

    I need some related material for "the institution and the personal experience"...origial stuff. Not the usual like 'girl interupted'...HELP!!!!!!!!! everyone has found their's and im stuck. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
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    Workplacement sux!

    Who here has to do workplacement whilst doing the HSC??? I do and it sux!!! I miss out on a whole week of school and we all know how important it is that we don't skip days! :rolleyes: let me know what you think of it.
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    How many days can you be absent?

    its 80% minimal Yeah it is definatly 80% that you have to attend. :o
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    who wrote briar rose?

    I would like to read this book cause i herd that 2003 HSC students liked it. Who wrote it so i can find it in teh book shop...thanks. xx :)
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    Briar Rose!!! HELP MEEE

    herd its a good book. Im dong the HSC 2004. Who wrote it? I would liek to read it.
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    Dong HSC 2004 and need you notes...PLEASE!

    :) Hello to all you lucky people that have finished your HSC! I need some notes if you could send them to me apreciated. All the best for you future...thanks so much. :confused: :rolleyes: :p
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    I Need Dt Notes!!!!!!

    ME TO ME TO!!!! if you get them could you send them to me plz. Thanks heaps.
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    If your doign raw this year tell me what you thing of it. Personally i recon its ok....worth reading if you still havent been bothered to do so :)