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  • LOL! thats ok :) you must have hated me if for 6 months you never knew I replied..

    good luck with the HSC!
    omg i just sent u a personal message bombarding u with the same questions without realising that i have actually contacted u before and stupid boredofstudies never told me that u replied!! my apologies lol sorry
    Also, make sure you answer the question (this sounds obvious but make sure in the first sentence you give a direct answer.) Finally, take note of the key word (eg, in explain you need cause/effect. in evaluate, you must come up with a judhement). And re markers LOVE structure. make it easy to read and make the 5 marks obvious so that the marker knows its of 5/5 quality.

    After this common part (which everyone does), theres a 15 mark short answer section, and a 20 mark extended.

    lol i need to cut this off here because its taking AGES lol

    add me on msn on shakky_rulz@hotmail.com and ask me questions there, ill be like an e-tutor if u like lol.
    Religion: Please do NOT underestimate the IMPORTANCE of this subject!!! i cannot stress this enough!! thats why i listed this subject first, as it actually helped my UAI the most. It really doesnt take much effort to do well in re, and because everyone in catholic schools has to do re, most people dont try hard, making your chance of success even better!!

    Success in religion is very methodical, and doesnt take much. multiple choice is dead easy but i suggest some practice on the board of studies website.
    there is one 5 mark short answer response on the first topic (abo and post 1945 stuff). In this sort of response, 5 marks is easy to attain by: giving at least two examples (eg, in ecumenism, give two examples such as NCCA and another, and for interfatith dialogue youve got the affinity cultural foundation).
    hey there

    nice subjects arent they lol i think its best to take everything in moderation like no extension subjects but they ones you have scale quite well (if you do well in them). So dont stress too much, is my first tip.

    its best if you dont follow my method of cruising through the HSC lol, i didnt deserve my UAI because i didnt put in much effort, but ill give you some subject specific hits/tips.

    in the interest of keeping my own work to myself i dont want to release my notes on the net - its not that i dont trust you but id just rather keep my notes to myself and my sister whos doing her HSC this year too! besides, i only wrote notes for about 80% of the eco course and not much else lol.
    i noticed your subjects and we do exactly the same except instead of chemistry i do biology.
    i was wondering if you could give me any good resources and tips that helped you because i like ur UAI, especially in legal and economics pleaase :D
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