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    First Year - B. Commerce (Textbooks)

    First Year - B. Commerce (Textbooks each < $100) **PRICES REDUCED BY $20 Hey guys, Texts books for : ACCT 1005 - ECOF 1003 - ACCT 1006 - MKTG 1001 Also in SELL forum. Cousin dropped the course. All books were bought brand new.
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    So anybody else going here?

    felt bad for you high view to reply ratio. im partially going there. cross-institutionally by distance. goodluck finding freshers =)
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    is ag dead??

    Holyheck. So I came back to Boredofstudies to help my younger cousin sell some textbooks... And back in highschool I made some of the best ag mates I've still got today in this forum... Do the math, I graduated highschool in 2005. For the ones just bitching about ag. Give it a rest. I was...
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    Careers in Agriculture

    Hi there, Unfortunately, your link doesn't work. It requires a password? Ag is a dying industry in the youth of Australia. There's too much narrowmindedness in what can be achieved in the industry. This site might interest you, “Careers in Australian...
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    Best place you've been?

    been to malaysia, macau, hongkong, vanuatu (cruise)... but experience-ly, photographically and just overall i honestly cant top aus.. nothings beating swagging in the Finke Gorge National, NT.. detouring off the Great Ocean Road, VIC.. or catching sunsets off the white opal dust at...
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    Where do you Work? (Employment Advice Line)

    a couple weeks old at Officeworks =) thankgod someone took pity and hired me.. xD
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    former supanews(1), newspower (2) and lolly-shop-with-newspapers (1) here.. freebies are always great perks. like extras off mags. my aunt used to own one, she gave the staff the topped-without-cover mags. um, some give discounts.. i havent been so up to date with the world since...
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    the pill

    just a thanks. i was doing a lurker read of previous posts and it helped =) ive been on levlen ed for just over a year... no issues til last month my mother hassled the heck out of me to change because of 'mood swings' - anywhos, keeping the peace just cost me $25 for a month tester on Yaz...
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    Women find tradies attractive

    haha, just being another statistic. im in the 55%. currently dating a tradie, he was a selective school sort (so yes some brainage there..) that preferred the outdoors. was seeing a whitecollar suit.. spunky sort, but the novelty wears off when theres less in common and the metro-preening gets...
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    Spring Carnival - Race to Win Tipping Comp - Melbourne Cup

    hey guys, any one else doing the daily telegraphs race to win tipping comp in the lead up the the melbourne cup and how're you going? right now im in position 6726 (of 23211! hahaha!!) got no hope in hell, but its amusing as heck.. (no cash in, opportunity to cash out..)
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    How often do you wash your car???

    nowadays maybe twice a month.. but depends where im going, whos coming and if hes gotta be pretty xD he needs a wash now :S got bug juice all over the windscreen and his nose is a graveyard.. but thankgod for painton tyre cleaner.. tyres are offwhite!
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    Most ANNOYING things when Driving

    idiots that jump on their brakes and drop twenty ks off the limit when they see the cops... agreed. allow me to paint the pretty picture instead... driving along at 80ks //the speed limit//, first flash of a copper and everyone in front is down to 60ks. easier to follow?
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    Most ANNOYING things when Driving

    idiots that jump on their brakes and drop twenty ks off the limit when they see the cops... as of yesty 840am on victoria road... lanechangers that dont realise that if my rearview mirrors at your goddamn nose, theres more of the vehicle to follow..!
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    What car will you get as your first car?

    was supposed to buy my grandmas corolla hatchback thing.. then my aunts little merc beepbeep thing.. yay for procrastinating vehicle buys xD vu commy ute is my first *lovelove
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    Project car

    seconding ebay.. depending on your definition of cheap, a buddy bought a half-decent hz for 600 a couple of months back..