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Recent content by shazzam

  1. shazzam

    Are some courses only available on particular campuses?

    An example to illustrate the query that this thread's title suggests: Are 65101 Chemistry 1C Enrolled 6 Core 2005 Autumn Semester & 91101 Cells,Genetics and Evolution only available on the St Leonards Campus? I used a proxy to enrol, so I'm not sure whether I...
  2. shazzam

    So whos starting Law @ UTS?

    errm, Frigid do u think it's at all possible that the orientation camp can be postponed just a little, to say after Feb 20? Since it will only be 2 days it won't really matter much right? This is (of course...) due to the fact that if it were to take place any earlier it would clash with many of...
  3. shazzam

    99.7+ UAI without getting a Top 20/10/5 ranking??

    I'm sorry but you clearly didn't get 97 in Physics, since everyone who got 97 or over was on the Top Achievers List, and that is a fact.
  4. shazzam

    take a look

    hahahaha This thread is gold.
  5. shazzam

    women get more rights in relation tto kids

    No it's not. Primarily because it's not a word.
  6. shazzam

    women get more rights in relation tto kids

    You can consider it a flaw in the legal system if you like, but the court doesn't consider who caused the marriage breakdown when it rules. Rather, the one who is disadvantaged is usually the one who files for divorce and I would think in your uncle's case, he would've been the one to do so...
  7. shazzam

    women get more rights in relation tto kids

    The Family Law Act doesn't discriminate against either gender. With regards to custody, Section 60B clearly states that: (a) children have the right to know and be cared for by both their parents, regardless of whether their parents are married, separated, have never married or have never...
  8. shazzam

    Already know their results...

    p9 SMH thurs 16 Dec: "the Board of Studies technical staff were alerted to the glitch at 11:41pm following a tip-off from a parent at 9:31pm" or something starkly similar to that.
  9. shazzam

    Parlons-nous le francais ici!

    Bon Soir tlm. Chèpas, ce film m'interesse beaucoup. Faut que nous soyons membres d'Alliance Francaise a` le voir?
  10. shazzam

    Has anyone read all over Dan Brown's books?

    Yep Anti, I realized that but was too lazy to change my post:D Apologies. I was just excited because I found so many mistakes, but I guess that's not a good thing for the book itself.
  11. shazzam

    Working in a bar?

    Which establishment is this that allows you to do so? And is this possible if you're nowhere near 18?
  12. shazzam

    Co-Op Computer Science

    Thanks guys for all the links, esp Anti, that was great :)
  13. shazzam

    USYD Scholarships

    Wait a minute Nit you got a call? That is definitely privileged treatment...you should feel special...