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    Textbooks everyone's using for 4U and 3U maths?

    cambridge 3u yr 11 book
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    what is the difference between a net operating balance and a underlying cash balance

    which of the two is more accurate for understanding the impacts of the budget
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    yr 10 work experience

    anyone got any ideas for work experience in the field of finance/ marketing?
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    doing hsc in 2021

    doing hsc in 2021
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    year 10 work experience in finance e.g actuarial studies & marketing in nsw

    does anyone know what companies/ organisations I can contact for work experience? Thankyou!!
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    is economics tutoring necessary?

    So ive seen a lot of people from my class joining ace specialist for economics tutoring, but idk if it is really necessary especially since tutoring is quite expensive. Any thoughts?