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    Transferring courses, and then universities...?

    Hey, I don't know much about this, but thanks if you can help out! Next year i will be attending some form of business at UWS (nothing to do with ability, really just wasn't interested in high school/study and 80ATAR shows this). Ultimately, i'll be wanting to do Business/Law - my plan is get...
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    How to prepare for bad results?

    Hey, in 2 days time :uhoh::uhoh:i am certain i will get the news of a bad ATAR mark. :cry: This isn't some frantic panic episode induced by stress (although.. it may seem likely in 2 days). How do i prepare for a bad mark? Things like, how do i tell parents, family members, friends, teachers...
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    Comparable Scene in BR and Frank

    Hey, im having trouble finding a scene in each that is comparable in context. If you could help me it would be great!