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  • Ohh cool now can u pls share ur id with me thru a pm?? or if u want mine let me know..

    Wagga wagga lol i got it what u were saying about. hehehe y don't u move to sydney and i will join u there. what was ur atar sweetie?
    Never heard of your current town 'coz I don't know soo much about Oz really... once I get there I'll see where r u!! hehe

    Do u have msn or yahoo?
    hun u r so nice :) i want to share one good piece of news with you.. i applied to victoria uni and they accepted me :)

    now i am not accepting my offer coz first i will be movin' to saudi arabia and get passport of there and will come there ..
    where r u in australia?
    2006-08 i performed very bad at exams and failed two times and from last two yrs not studying just sitting at home... one most important factor is i hate being in my home country which is not a good place to live in... Pakistan!!
    my life story or yours ... how's life treating you .. i am literally in a boat during a storm that's how i am feeling since last 4 years
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