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    Most hated TV personalities

    anna of today tonight :burn:
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    recommended BOOKS?

    both =]
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    What do I do?

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    The Simpsons Movie

    one of the worst moviez this yr!!
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    Student Walkout - Sept 5th

    who the fk cares. stfu and stay in school and learn something. u achieve bugger all when protesting and u just waste the time of the copz!
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    How many days?

    i got told something in the vicinity of 85% attendance must be achieved.
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    What have you eaten today?

    chicken kebab with the lot choc. muffin chicken cacittore (however u spell it lol) rockmelon chocolate =D
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    How was your school day?

    havent been to skool since thursday as thatz when my last trial exam was. had economics lecture @ chatswood...wasnt too bad but wasnt overly exciting either -__-! back 2 skool 2morow.... :(!
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    Economics is so boring

    hektik subject! monetary n fiscal policiez turn me ON! :D
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    Do you like Business Studies

    yeh itz a good subject.....very logical & pretty interesting. gr8 sub too score good marks in =D
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    Economics lectures

    Anyone going to the lectures tomorrow in chatswood?? If so...u expecting anything interesting outta it?
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    the holden....simply coz holdenz rock!
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    The "CANT STOP BLUDGING" topic

    HIIII LOL well ive got a software exam 2morow..and im here on BOS and bebo....w00t for me i was gonna make a myspace...but i managed 2 stop myself....msn & bebo are bad enough! :mad1:
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    die for your country

    i most certainly am not willing =]
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    Red Bull and V

    i drink V but not to stay awake or nefing...i just like the taste! my mate drinkz around 4-6 red bullz the night b4 assessments or exams...seems 2 work for him as hes topping most of his subjectz -_- ...i supposed he could just be smart o_O