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    Should we privatose transport, roads and electrity completely

    ummm... private companies are going to have to find some way of recovering their costs of production...otherwise there's no incentive at all for them to provide anything!
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    Discrete maths 1081

    discrete maths is compulsory for the advanced maths degree. look at all the study plan links on the handbook page: UNSW Handbook Program - Advanced Mathematics - 3986
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    Uai 98+

    Eng Adv, MX1 and MX2, Physics, Italian continuers and Italian Ext. Band 6s in italian continuers and MX1.
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    Uai 98+

    well of course it depends how you go in your other subjects are of course, but i'd say if you're getting 90+ in both Eng adv and MX2 then 95+ is very achievable. you can see on the UAC website that a UAI of 95 corresponds to a scaled aggregate total of about 403-404, which means that you need...
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    Science degrees cost less in 2009!

    the drops in fee bands are for science courses ie. the specific subjects you enrol in. so even if you are doing an engineering degree, any courses you take from the science faculty will be cheaper. the courses you take that are offered by the engineering faculty will be more expensive (i'm not...
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    UAC's University Offers 2009 Online - see who's in your course!

    wow this is incredible, thankyou very much
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    2009 official "funny quirks of my day" thread

    um...this wasn't today, it was a couple of days ago but oh well: i was walking to the moonlight cinema in centennial park in my thongs when my the thong on my right foot breaks, strap snapped and irreparable. i was pretty close to the venue so i walked the rest of the way barefoot, there was...
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    What Is The Hardest Part Of 2Unit Maths?

    as a student who put lots of effort into 3U and really couldn't be bothered with 2U, i hated all the financial maths stuff - so tedious and easy to make a mistake. i agree with the above post though, the hardest hsc Qs i found were the apps of calc ones.
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    Advance science at UNSW or USYD

    about the TSP: at Sydney it's an individual student project. there's the possibility of attending special "seminars" or accelerating your course so you can get the degree finished quicker. Their Adv Sc handbook link: 3. Bachelor of Science, BSc(Adv), BSc(Adv Maths), BSc(Adv)/MBBS - Science...
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    Advance science at UNSW or USYD

    well i'm going for unsw. i went to their science faculty evening, and...well, they just looked better. better facilities, better organisation, the staff who talked were really motivated, really genuine and really approachable, the facilities looked much better, and i just felt like i was more...
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    What is the best way to exfoliate your skin?

    sand. the natural exfoliator. nah jk jk i use the st ives "apricot scrub" stuff. i just scrub it in after soap in the shower.
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    To specialise or not to specialise?

    if I was do I'd do the double, don't worry about not being "specialised" - most employers value breadth of knowledge and skills more than specific technical knowledge, and the double degree would certainly deliver this.