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Recent content by Sparcod

  1. Sparcod

    2010 Federal Election

    Only one if you're looking at Greens vs Labor in Melbourne. Yeah, go the Nationals. Woohhh!
  2. Sparcod

    what do people in Canberra do for fun?

    If you enjoy nature, then you might enjoy living in Canberra. There are decent walking tracks and outdoor activities based around there.
  3. Sparcod

    2008 Presidential Election - Obama v McCain

    Go the Democrats! I support Obama for president and Joe Biden for Vice-President rather than the conservatives. The Republican party thought that they would get away with a beauty queen to woo voters but failed. I hear of lots of undecided voters jumping to Obama fearing her. McCain-Palin have...
  4. Sparcod

    Things to do during holidays between end of Year 11 and start of Year 12

    Relax yourself, clear out your study area and get new, fresh books.
  5. Sparcod

    "a higher uai suggests greater chance of succeeding at uni."

    Within a unit of study or a degree, I think that there is somerelationship between UAIs and uni grades. The coursework in uni can sometimes be much different to that in high school. eg two uni students doing i.t at uni. One with a uai of 95, but did sciences and history and the other with a...
  6. Sparcod

    Google Streetview!

    Last night I found Google Streetview (on Google Maps) for Australia. Really interesting and fun. Australia- prettiest country in the world!
  7. Sparcod

    Essay Predictions - HSC 2008

    I remember those exemplers from those 'red and blue' books with real questions with answers categorised by grade. They are online- http://arc.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/standards-packs/SP02_15110/ (2002) http://arc.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/standards-packs/SP01_15110/ (2001) There are solutions...
  8. Sparcod

    You KNOW you're an economics nerd when..

    You are an economics nerd when- you believe that the only way to solve the world's problems is to feed the homeless to the hungry.
  9. Sparcod

    You KNOW you're an economics nerd when..

    You know you're an economics nerd when..... -You start a thread called 'You KNOW you're an economics nerd when..' -You post in a thread called 'You KNOW you're an economics nerd when..' -You hear that inflation is high so you cut down on your own spending and tell your friends and...
  10. Sparcod

    wats the best HSC books excel, macquarie, leading edge or any other

    I recommend Excel 'Revise in a month' for science subjects. Good for cramming and getting hold of the basics before moving onto harder exam questions. For good pre-exam practice, choose 'Success One'. I really liked Macquarie for all subjects- they were neat, concise and understandable and...
  11. Sparcod

    Factors that strengthen/weaken the International Business Cycle

    No, it doesn't look like a HSC question to me. It is true that globalisation strengthens international business cycles by making economies more dependent on each other and having similar economic activities as a result.
  12. Sparcod

    Eco Comppp

    ^Winner!! There was an economics comp.
  13. Sparcod

    the current english course is a waste of time, true or false

    Re:the thread title. English technically is not a waste of time- it is a compulsory subject as ordered by Board of Studies and its top two units is included in the UAI as ordered by the UAC.
  14. Sparcod

    APPLIED yet?

    Yeah, now that the trials are out of the way, it is a great time to apply. It will take somewhere 'tween 5 and 10 minutes. Do it this month some time!
  15. Sparcod

    Best building on campus

    My faves are: The quadrangle The Vet. Science conferrence