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    The University of QLD colleges

    Want to know how I picked which college to go to? Which one had the best website. Seriously, most of the colleges are really good. Just about everyone really enjoys the college experience and will tell you that their college is the best. I went to Cromwell, and yes, it is the best. Most people...
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    Residential Colleges in Uni of Queensland

    Yes, there's a huge difference between Cromwell and Campus Lodge. Campus Lodge is owned by the college, but the similarities stop there. It's self-catered and completely separate from Cromwell proper. I don't think people in Campus Lodge are considered to be college students.
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    Veterinary Science at UQ...entry interviews?

    Thanks fex for your well thought-out and highly relevant comment. I'm sure it will be most helpful to many people.
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    Hi anna, Sorry for not replying to this message earlier! I've only just seen it. I don't come...

    Hi anna, Sorry for not replying to this message earlier! I've only just seen it. I don't come here very often anymore. You'll have a great time at whichever college you go to. Almost everyone loves the college experience and considers their college to be the best. I went to Cromwell, loved it...
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    Living on-campus

    Just my opinion, others would disagree, but I reckon that if you can't get a place within walking distance of uni, go for somewhere near a bus stop. Parking isn't worth the hassle or the expense. Best suburbs are in the Inner West (St Lucia, Toowong, Indooroopilly, Taringa, Milton etc.) and...
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    Vet Science

    I have a friend in 3rd yr vet at UQ. She's thinking of going to New Zealand for a prac. New Zealand?? I'm not allowed to go outside of Queensland and she can go to New Zealand? Gosh. Also, she's doing a prac at a zoo.
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    Bachelor of Journalism anyone? And arts students, too!

    I did arts for a year. I thought there was a good range of courses to choose from. I would have majored in history and linguistics, if I had have continued (I switched to speech pathology). First year psychology is ridiculously easy, history is much harder, COMU1000 is an absolute joke of a...
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    No, it's not possible because UQ doesn't do undergrad med. You need to finish a degree then sit the GAMSAT. So you may as well do science/ed if you're interested, though it will take an extra year to finish than straight science. As to hardness, I maintain that everything is only as hard as you...
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    Living on-campus

    I assume they would. I thought they interviewed everyone. But maybe there are exceptions for international people. Or maybe its because you applied for a deluxe room. Who knows.
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    Living on-campus

    Yeah, living on-campus is great. Uni doesn't seem so big and scary when you know a couple of hundred people (it doesn't take long at all before you know everyone). Pommy babe, college offers usually do come out after uni offers. IH must do them early? I wouldn't worry yet. And yes, you are...
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    Applying for Accommodation

    I hope you've applied already -- they close tomorrow (If you haven't already figured it out, there's an online application here). I don't know if most people get turned down or not, but it doesn't really matter, does it? All you can do is try and get in on your own merits. As Trev has already...
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    Its true -- people who use laptops in lectures are incredibly annoying. If you're going to use one, definitely do not sit anywhere except the back. If there are people sitting behind someone with a laptop, they will be distracted by the glow of the screen, and they will read your emails if they...
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    are the commerce and law degrees in UQ good?

    I'm tempted to disagree with that. I'd say that UQ would be somewhere near the top of 'Most Prestigious Universities in Australia', if there was such a list.
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    Jobs in brissy

    Theres an application form somewhere on the website... its kinda hard to find, took me a while, but its there. Yeah, they're good with hours. They match your shifts around your uni timetable, you just tell them what hours you can't work, and they try and work something out for you. And I've...
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    Jobs in brissy

    Well, this is a rather late reply, but never mind that now. I work at the loans desk of the social sciences & humanities library, doing the usual kind of library jobs: checking books in and out, renewing and extending loans, putting books on hold, taking them off hold, and general customer...