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Recent content by stine

  1. stine

    Enders Game

    Let me know if you're interested in buying a study guide for Ender's Game that might give you some much-desired insight into how to attack essay questions about the text. Also, I have a couple of essays that achieved full marks at a selective school :)
  2. stine

    Are you doing junior advanced italian??

    Qualcuno? I don't know anyone who is...do you??
  3. stine

    Where's best?

    Like nemuca, I'm doing liberal studies at USYD and I'm doing psychology as my science major. I'm not particularly maths/science oriented either and so I've chosen a general statistics unit of study as my compulsory semester of maths - it's designed for arts students! Also, liberal studies...
  4. stine

    Timetable Clashes

    I have the same problem. On Thursday at 9am I have a two hour tutorial for ITLN1631 and at the same time one of three compulsory lectures for STAT1021 arghh. So there's another possible dilemma - if i alternate each week is it possible for me to attend STAT1021 and then afterwards go to my...
  5. stine

    Arts Network Mentoring Program

    Does anyone here have Jen as their mentor??
  6. stine

    junior intermediate italian

    No i don't have any of the textbooks yet, do you know which ones we need? Then again, it might be different for the two of us...but yeah it'd be good to know in advance. Thanks for the boost of confidence :D I'm sure you're right, everyone will be in the same boat! Are you going to the arts...
  7. stine

    online tutor wanted: help with yr11 adv english/chem/phys/3u maths

    Hi! I would be happy to tutor you in the preliminary advanced english course :) I think that the online idea is fantastic as it doesn't eat away at your time lol. I completed hsc advanced english last year and came 4/131 at a selective school with an overall hsc mark of 94/100. I could...
  8. stine

    junior intermediate italian

    Yeah it's definitely bizarre how they combine the junior intermediate and advanced italian units in 2nd semester..! I wish I could do intermediate italian because I'm worried that they'll expect soooo much of us in advanced :( There's so much grammar I didn't bother to learn during the HSC...
  9. stine

    junior intermediate italian

    I'll be doing junior advanced italian (eek!) but I believe that we'll be doing the same level in semester 2 halio - ITLN1632?
  10. stine

    calling liberal studies students!

    sooo is ANYONE out there on bos doing liberal studies at usyd this yr? post your email/messenger address here so we can feel not so isolated hehe me: stine_master@hotmail.com
  11. stine

    BoS USyders 2006! (Roll Call)

    Bachelor of Liberal Studies (I) ;)
  12. stine

    UAC main-round offers; what'd you get?

    I'm going to choose psychology as my science major and for arts I keep tossing up between ancient history, english and linguistics. I studied italian at school so naturally I want to continue with that as my language. If you have no idea about which language to choose I'd recommend italian. Lol...
  13. stine

    UAC main-round offers; what'd you get?

    1st pref: Liberal Studies @ USYD cutoff: 85.75 UAI: 95.70. Chockie which majors and language are you thinking of picking up? Yay I've finally found another liberal studies person hehe we seem to be quite a rare breed.
  14. stine

    Volunteer Needed!

    hey again smiley20 you can contact me at christineg@iinet.net.au with details, and if you already have an article that needs editing you can send it to me and see whether I'm actually any good :)
  15. stine

    Volunteer Needed!

    Hey smiley20! If the offer’s still up for taking I may be able to help you out :) I completed the HSC last year, I've developed a passion for many things english-related, and I definitely have time to dedicate to the perusing of a few articles. I honestly enjoy composing and responding to...