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  • Hey there such_such. Did you make it in to any of the selective schools you applied in? Was the ACER tests hard? Please share your experiences with me as I am anxious about this year's one. I really want to make it into Girraween or Ruse...
    Well for my latest results so far: Term 3 Week 2 Assessments. (no overall rankings yet)
    2U Maths - 49/53 (last test got 72/73 :/)
    3U Maths - 59/60 (rank: 1/122 just for this one, in my last 3U assessment got 51/58 - was ranked mid 20ish/122)
    Economics - 20/20 for my Federal Budget essay. (got 35/40 for my half-yearlies and was ranked top 10 out of 80)
    Physics - 22/30 (rank: 19 or 20/110, was ranked mid 20s or 30s last time with 25/35)

    Will update on English & Business soon.

    Yeah, Physics is my worst sub atm. Relay this to all the macfielders if you want :haha:
    haha you watched prince of tennis too? i watched all the movies ovas episodes and even the live chinese action series...on a whim because jimmy said it was good. the idea of 200ish episodes of two or 4 people hitting a ball seems a little off
    umm sorry..i edited it. i just checked your history, never knew you would be on this site... do you go on this site regularly?
    hihi~ do u mind to give me the contact detail and review for Ngo and sons ^^have u been there before ^^thanks so much ~
    Yes there are about 15 who go to Ruse ,11 go to Baulko and the rest make up of SBHS and SGHS and me the dumb one hahaha. I used to go to the same primary school with Winston H.Hey I am thinking of joinning Peak too,they gave me the option of Saturday morning class physics then Chem or Sunday arvo class which section do you think is the best ? I know that Sunday class is run by two ex-Ruse,and Saturday run by miss Yen and Steven...
    hey,do you go to N&S for maths?I just joined them.Which class are you in?I am on Monday class 6:30 to 8:15 with Mr Mai.Do you know Winston Hua he goes to the same school as you?
    OMFG you watch prince of tennis?! *fangirl squeal* Have you watched the whole thing like everything including the OVA episodes (where they win nationals)? The first anime episode of New Prince of Tennis came out like a day ago or so! New Prince of Tennis seems good cause' I've read the manga for it and yeah!
    Send me them GODLY 99.95 notes via hotmail e-mail or hop onto MSN! Please, future medical specialist that will earn 500k a year!
    I got 30 out of 45, I swear I did the worst silly mistake out on the last question! I guess I could of have gotten 35 out of 45 but it's alright! Oh yeah, Sydney Tech was ranked 23rd and Hurlstone was ranked 26th in this year's HSC school rankings! I think I might of made the right choice! Tech finally got back into the top 25!
    Yeah, it's going to be our last 'real' holidays! Well, my 2 to 3 weeks of holiday for TIPPS just started so yeah.... But there's going to be a trig topic test probably 2 weeks after we come back (first week should be revision) and there's going to be the Across The Board Exam which basically re-allocates people into classes in late-January! So basically, maths tutor should have study involved, otherwise I guess it will be all fun. Are you skipping the whole week (not going school)? Oh yeah, did you know your mark for the integration test sir gave to us? I think I got the exact same mark you did...
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