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    Should I shave my legs for tomorrow?

    no . hairy legs are sexy.
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    Best hair salons in Sydney?

    Guys, where do you get your hair cut and what place do you reckon gives the best haircuts in Sydney (im in inner west). Also, are there any places that give decent asian TB haircuts (lol fag spikes).
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    Snobberry at university

    dw the other people are just dickheads.. just answer his question seriously dudes. If you want to avoid snobs, do not go to any of the following: USYD, UWS, MacQ, UTS, UNSW, ANU, ACU, Canberra, NCSL, CSU, LaTrobe, Monash, RMIT, Notre Dame, Melbourne etc. These unis generally tend to have at...
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    Missing first 2 weeks of semester - death wish?

    People miss (i.e. jig) 10+ weeks and still get high marks. Uni's about self study mostly.. Only thing you really need to worry about is tiny marks handed out in the week 2 tutorials/prac.. but you can sort that out with your tutors np.
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    99.5 rounded up to 100?

    Probably a stupid question but I know that for most subjects your mark is rounded up at the end i.e. a 49.5 rounds up to 50 and you still pass. Hypothetically though, what if a student gets 99.5? would they be rounded up to 100 (perfect score)? LOL
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    Please help: UTS B. Vis Comm vs Billy Blue B. Applied Design (Communication)

    not true, the 5 bonus points are from high bands in related subjects right? these are solid points unlike EAS, that is, you are more likely to get in than someone who has a higher raw ATAR without bonus points. I don't think the cutoff will jump up that high at all (2 points). It probably will...
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    i got 20.00+ ATAR points above what I needed

    yeah and you said 20+ gotta be nursing haha
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    graduation based on wam or gpa?

    yep, pretty much I believe WAM at UTS is just a primitive sum of all marks over the amount of subjects. I think some other unis put less weighting on the first year and bigger weightings on later years however I don't think UTS uses this system in particular. well then, I don't really know why...
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    graduation based on wam or gpa?

    lol definitely not WAM is not like GPA in that it is based on marks, not just the grades themselves. If you are closer to the next grade your WAM will be brought up and thus you have more leniency (a 80 distinction for example will counteract a 70 credit still averaging distinction i.e you...
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    Implications of being the only student doing a certain subject

    omgg everything you tell people is wrong and misleading. can you please do alot more research and then come back lol. cem (a teacher I think) is right on this. you're moderated with yourself. what you get for the exam is carried on to your assessment mark. essentially, this means you will...
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    graduation based on wam or gpa?

    To graduate 'with distinction', you need a distinction average throughout the entire degree - that is, a WAM of 75 or higher across all subjects. UTS hasn't provided much information about this anywhere actually, which is kind of strange. angel18: WAMs are calculated for all courses at UTS and...
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    confused abt CGPA !!

    if you do the subject you were supposed to do next semester, it will divide by 13 if you repeat a subject you failed and then pass it, GPA will take into account both the fail grade and the pass grade.
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    how significant are these early assessments?

    Really depends on whether your teachers are fucktards or not (in my experience, almost all high school teachers are). Your arguments are valid and you should complain. Everyone should be given the amount of time they were supposed to be given, otherwise it is hardly a fair assessment. For...
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    UNSW or UTS, that is the question...

    as opposed to someone who hasn't even been to a uni and reiiterates generic info that has been mentioned 100 times in this thread. opinions are pretty much useless and will NOT help you make a decision properly. all the objective info has already been presented, there's really no point of...
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    Is anyone NOT opening their results straight away?

    wtf @ mods deleting our posts, didnt even flame anyone and our opinions have good basis its YOUR hsc, you worked for it, so you should be the one to open the results yourself like a MAN. its exciting enough and a unique experience that you sohuld be the first one to log in and look at it, not...