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    The Mathew Johns Sex scandal.

    that still doesnt mean that theyre not victims, whether u think they are victims because of what has occurred or the anguish caused by the media, they are victims nonetheless the kids will have to deal with it eventually as they grow older
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    The Mathew Johns Sex scandal.

    johns' wife has to go through all of this yet again, as if once wasnt enough as for the kids, plenty of shit for them to go out and deal with
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    The Mathew Johns Sex scandal.

    yup, agreed with the general consensus this is a trial by media and johns has been unjustifiably vilified. responsibility falls on the girl. She always had the opportunity to say no and she didnt. i feel sorry for Johns' wife and kids, theyre the real victims
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    Things to do during holidays between end of Year 11 and start of Year 12

    thats true as well, hsc teaches life skills which come in very handy afterwards good that u pointed out discipline, seems to be a lacking a bit these days within general society
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    Things to do during holidays between end of Year 11 and start of Year 12

    hsc may not be perceived as a machine, but ur brain can overwork the brain and u'll become mentally tired. remember u have a whole year, dont start busting ur brains out right from the start; make sure u have enuf fuel to make the journey answering questions over and over again often makes u...
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    Show Us Your Preparation For Hsc!

    sadness fills my heart i feel so sorry for u, i really do
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    whats with smart people asking for UAI estimates?

    or maybe they like showing off? maybe im being very cynical here, though i wouldnt be surprised honestly, when ppl predict UAI's, it's like watching comedy channel, i just laugh
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    How many hours of study are you going to do?

    wow, so many keen students dont study too hard though :) no seriously, dont
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    Aah i dont regret my use of yesterdays time now!

    yeh, tis always good to get business out of the way, its a subject that is in my opinion, extremely dry and involves so much content i like to call it a 'fat' subject because of all the matter and content it contains it feels good not having to remember so much stuff
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    was there ratios?

    yeh, the current ratio question was the only ratio which the exam touched on that, as well as two multiple choice qu's, but u can;t really call it ratio work, they had already given u the figures for return on owner's equity and crap u just had to identify trends and stuff not that much...
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    Module B - King Lear

    Re: King Lear Module B i focused on the relationship between lear and his daughters i think those of us in catholic schools were a bit lucky in that the CSSA trial paper also took on a family perspective i found that time management was an issue (it usually is for me and english), and...
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    Module A - In the Wild

    y did the question have to take on a contrasting perspective >< it could;ve at least asked for both similarities and differences stupid examination, *shakes fist* oh well, thats the end of advanced at least =D who feels a lot better now that english is out of the way?
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    Physical Journey: Unexpected Detours

    i incorporated both throughout my discussion i talked about the challenges and positive/negative growth each challenge provides along of journey, but i also brought in the 'diverting' aspect when i discussed 'migrant hostel' and 'heart of darkness' i'm just happy that people are intepreting...
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    Anyone thinks they have killed the test

    i'm annoyed at my creative response - my finger started bleeding during the exam so i had to waste 5 minutes getting a bandaid and stuff, i was getting blood on the exam paper >< - so i didn;t get to finish it fkn finger, of all the days :burn:
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    how much have you covered?

    over the holidays, this is what i have achieved - - one 2 unit maths past paper - half a 3 unit maths past paper - half of a business studies short answer section - 2 or 3 attempts at the economics and business studies mc on that database thing they got going on the BOS site - half a...