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  • Ohh nice. Ive been doing martial arts for about 2years.

    lol.... does it have a specific name, cause we do heaps of leg and hand techniques too.
    I have NO idea wat that is. lol

    I do a combination of northern and southern styles. My master trained in the shaolin temple. lol How long yu been doing it for?

    OMG and have yu seen Ip Man? lol Part II is out now. Its a film for every martial artist i think!
    Ohh Awesome... wat type?

    ... :eek: We have two things in common so far...

    lol. Yu didnt tell me whether yu were Lebo or not? hehe the reason i ask is cause its rare for ppl who arent middle eastern in the least, to know how to spell lebo sweets. :p

    Just wanted to say i love Bruce Lee *your avatar* [i do martial arts] And that yes znood el set is absolutley the best sweet! :eek:

    R u Lebo?
    Thanks anyway. :D

    You click on the "User CP" at the top left corner of your profile.. :)
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