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    HSC Extension 2 Mathematics Predictions / Thoughts

    solutions How did everyone go?
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    is year 11 bio content relevant to year 12?

    you can technically still be examined on y11 content in the hsc
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    Best UCAT Prep Courses

    I'm doing ucatmasterclass - they have the online course and online exams to practice on their simulator. I think it's all about knowing the strategies and then testing yourself with the computer test. They have interview tips based on the aus unis so I think a good all rounder - also quite...
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    Best Physics teachers at Matrix Education?

    I guess if you're a shitty student no one can change you. He's a teacher not a personal trainer...
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    2020-HSC chat

    no I don't think you can. I think you have to redo the whole year? Can't be sure, though
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    Tutoring Centres

    Everyone is different. Try different centres with a free trial and then decide.. It doesn't cost you anything and you can pick who suits you best.
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    Maths: Private or Dr. Du?

    Yep I'd say don't stress and burn with Dr Du. Try Matrix with a free trial - nothing to lose.
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    should I keep advanced maths?? urgent!!

    Try to stick with it I'd say.
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    Have NESA made the exams easier?

    doens't really matter ATAR is a rank..
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    best chem teachers at matrix?

    We all call him Jamie and he ROCKS. I wonder why you didn't like him?
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    Best Physics teachers at Matrix Education?

    I've gotta disagree man. HE IS EPIC. Not for the faint-hearted though.