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    What does band E stand for in prelim

    Yeah, A is the highest. E usually stands for 'Elementary', which is a word similar to basic. These grading systems are shit. They are not very reliable in my opinion of the student in yr 10, i did PASS and PDHPE, got a D in PDHPE and got an A in PASS, even though PASS is meant to be an...
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    dodgy internal ranks - four first places????

    There shouldn't be any equal places within subjects. If there are ties, the teacher has to decide who gets the higher rank, and modify the marks. Sometimes they lower the weaker of the 2 mark, sometimes they increase the mark of the higher student. Internal marks aren't as important as ranking...
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    Focus on which Subjects?

    In all fairness, it depends on what you want to do after school, such as uni or working. If you want to touch scaling, consider extension and adv subjects, and then possibly chemistry, but that's something i wouldnt recommend What are the subjects you enjoy? You could possibly focus on the 10...
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    Exam Thoughts

    I left row 4, column 3 blank and put marks on the rest, as a guess. It was worth 2 marks, so perhaps if you put a mark on a right place, you would have gotten 1 mark for it.
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    Exam Thoughts

    i also got an infinite loop for that desk checking, so dont worry about that
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    Exam Thoughts

    im surprised that there was no exponent and mantissa in option 2. The questions were easy, except that last one, which was slightly harder. Section 2 was actually easy. that goddamn table question sucked. what sort method did you guys use for it. I used a bubble sort
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    Question on ranks

    Ok with the English Rank, your mark will be moderated so that its in the same ratio with the other ranks and their scaled mark. If the highest english HSC mark in your class was a 95 and the lowest was a 90, then you will get anything in-between. If someone absolutely bombs the exam, the last...
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    How hard is it to get 76?

    Its also worth noting that the average ATAR should be 50.00, but in reality it generally hovers around 70.00. In 2014 the average was 68.95, so basically if you are above average in your subjects, you should be fine. Bonus points (Or adjustment factors) can also be useful, and due to the low...
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    Need help with multiple choice question

    Once again, this question needs more information. If you talk about a larger program, that is represented as a structure chart, then a global variable needs to be used to go between module. A good question that shows the difference is the 2017 HSC SDD exam, question 20. It is known that (Im not...
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    Need help with multiple choice question

    This question in my opinion is worded with too little information TBQH. I believe it was a toss up between B and C. C is quite obvious as you should have extensive documentation on how to use the module, however i think its B. In the SDD syllabus, this dot point appears up • making the same...
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    Can someone please explain ATARS to me?!

    About the school rank, the school rank does not affect the ATAR itself, however when giving ATAR estimates, they ask for school rank as smarter schools like James Ruse will more likely get higher results and marking reflects HSC marking. Also as they are ranked highly each year, its easier to...
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    Scared of repeating year 11

    By the sounds of things, you dont have N awards necessarily, you have N award warnings. For warnings, if you get 3 letters i believe, then you have an N award. To overturn this, usually it is completing the assessment task and submitting it, (But not always) so if you submit the task then you...
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    Subject Lines & Availiability (physics isn't running!!!)

    Distance Ed is not terrible, you either will thrive or you will struggle. As there is no physical teacher telling you to do work, you have to be able to manage your time, and for some people that can be pretty good. its good for the high achieving students who wont have to wait until everyone is...
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    What can I do to get the best ATAR I can get?

    In yr 11, you can consider it a trial mode really, so seeing what your workload will be in yr 12, how committed your classes are and what your strengths/weaknesses are. Now in yr 12, you will know what sort effort you need to put in, whether that be that you continue at your pace currently, or...
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    Do I have a death wish?

    The biggest concern perhaps at this point is how many units you will have for the HSC year. Im not sure what you meant by 3 extensions, whether that means both extension maths and history or extension history, maths and English etc, but assuming that you pick up both ext maths and history for...