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    Is it possible to get a band 6 with an internal mark of 75?

    Take a look at this picture. You can see the school assessment shifts up is moderated to fit he results from the HSC exam. If you look closerly the pattern and gaps between the students is relatively consistent between the raw and moderated mark. In this example the lowest raw assessment mark...
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    Fishy Ranks

    2 equal firsts is bad. One stuffs up the exam, the highest mark will be scaled to the average of the 2 marks. Could be a disaster.
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    Thoughts on the paper?

    Yeah it was input mask, text box, radio button - B Had a better look at the paper. Thought the core was actually pretty good. My class do AMS and it was not great - some really poorly worded q's. MC had some very tough q's too.
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    Thoughts on the paper?

    Looked quite challenging - some very trick MC questions and pretty atypical overall. Thoughts?
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    Excel HSC book?

    The folk who write the excel book are often on the team writting the examination....just saying ;)
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    Why is the IPT forum dead?

    Every subject "scales well" if you're at the pointy end. The big problem with IPT is the outdated syllabus. They havent even updated the specs document in 9 years. Ridiculous for a technology subject. Fortunately the syllbus is undergoing a serious update. Not sure when it will come in.
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    Communication, control and addressing level

    Checksum wont detect all errors in transmission, so it does not "ensure" this. It definitely reorganises data for transmission (puts into packets etc) so D is the more correct answer.
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    Is Samuel Davis a retard?

    The Davis Text is far too detailed. Information overload, but it is a reasonable resource. Doesn't cover AMS because he doesnt understand it because, quite frankly, a lot of it makes no sense. He doesn't write the HSC exam but complains at the annual conference about all the questions. Used to...
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    IPT Thoughts

    If you don't know what RFID is your IPT teacher should not be teaching IPT. Syllabus Page 50.
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    General thoughts: Software Design and Development Exam

    Nice - the markers Giz themselves every time someone puts "metadata" in an answer. Youll do well
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    General thoughts: Software Design and Development Exam

    You should be OK with all that. Open file for read\write\append is a little more correct. Had a look at the data stream question. A really wordy and overly complex scenario with no mention of the header\trailer contents, then the first question is about header \trailer. The question was then...
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    General thoughts: Software Design and Development Exam

    Haven't seen the paper but students are saying the HW\SW option was horrendous. Thoughts?