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    How do u become a babysitter?

    I'm interested in becoming a babysitter for infants as a part-time job. Just wondering, besides the obvious requirements like loving kids and stuff, is there anything else I would have to do to become an infant babysitter? Like babysitting course???? Who has done it and how much do you get...
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    Where can I find a competent QMA tutor?

    I'm having big problems with the tutorial questions now (present value shiz) and I can't understand my tutor! Where can I get a tutor who can help me one hour a week? Thanks heaps! PS: i know of pitstop and pass, but I really do need 1 to 1 help!
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    casual -> ppt at coles

    SHOCKHORROR! Gosh, the pay is so little for so much work!
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    Cheapest bus route?

    I'm a newbie from Melbourne and will be living in Avoca St, Randwick. THe bus routes I can take are 359 then 400. However, I totally don't get the pricing, section information on the website. If I use two buses that are very close to one another (eg, switching buses), is it considered a section...
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    Whats the uni gym like?

    Damn, f-king gym is f-king expensive.. I used to pay $35 for mine, with tvs on the treadmills..
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    Branded as "stupid" in law school?

    Re: Branded as "stupid" in law school?? Thanks for all of your replies. Anyhoo, my insecurities come mainly from studying three years in a highly competitive selective girls high school, where particularly all the asian kids only care about about grades. Hmmm, that's why I expect law school to...
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    B. Commerce

    Just do acct and finance, you'll be fine!
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    Branded as "stupid" in law school?

    So, I'm doing full-fee law at unsw. I had really severe health problems last year therefore I didn't do my best in hsc/vce! Seeing that uni is about to start soon, peeps will definitely ask "what's your uai", "are you doing hecs?", "what school did you go to?" People tend to be judgemental and...
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    Are these books on 2007 booklist NEEDED??

    Oh thanks bshoc! For micro Eco, what's MyEconLab 5E? I'm going to listen to your advice and just buy "Microeconomics + MyEconLab 5E" without the study guide! Btw, besides the unsw bookshop, is textsbookexchange a good place to look at?
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    my 1st yr timetable shit?

    I have two 4-hour breaks and one 3-hour break! Now i think that's bad!
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    Are these books on 2007 booklist NEEDED??

    On the 2007 booklist, these books are not labelled as "prescribed" nor"recommended". Instead they are labelled as "value pack" or "course note". So do I still need these books???? Labelled as "coursenote" Title: FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 3E + SUPPLEMENT 2EAuthor: TROTMANPublisher: THOMSON...
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    Law at Notre Dame or UWS?

    First thing u should do) do well at UWS 2nd thing)Transfering to another law school after first year (Macquarie or UNSW/USYD if they feel sorry for me?) AFTER FIRST YEAR If I were in your shoes, I would do this! Hmmm, wouldn't transfer to ND because you would have to pay! (not worth to pay...
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    Law at Notre Dame or UWS?

    Not worth paying imo. Go to UWS, I heard it's good.
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    Gym Facillities

    Damn it's fking expensive.. abt $55 per month! I used to pay $38!
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    Law at Notre Dame or UWS?

    Isn't Notre Dame a private university??