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Recent content by Undermyskin

  1. Undermyskin

    USYD Pharmacy '09 Roll Call!

    Hey, I'm Long. My timetable has Friday off so is there a case that someone has to stick with me the whole week??? Lolz. Lecture's tomorrooooooooow! Woo hoo! BTW, did I miss anything important from the Welcome lecture? Gosh, I was so excited with the whole O-week whing that I totally...
  2. Undermyskin

    Hey, Long time no contact. I'm just wondering if you were the dux of James Cook Tech Boys...

    Hey, Long time no contact. I'm just wondering if you were the dux of James Cook Tech Boys High last year. And are you Daniel? Cheers
  3. Undermyskin

    Uni Email help!!

    How do you set it up as the server? Just type in username@pop.usyd.edu.au and then use the password? Or else I can't find the 'setting' anywhere. Helps appreciated. thanks
  4. Undermyskin


    Wow, not at my school tho. We're lucky that Dux kid wasn't announced. :headbang: Otherwise it's awkward then. :idea:
  5. Undermyskin

    What does this email mean??? Can someone explain it to me?

    OMG. What if I change my preferences and stuff. Hang on, does that Uni (listed as 1st preference) know about our UAI ages before us? Or else how can they send offers that soon? And what if we've got offers from two unis? (before and after our changes)
  6. Undermyskin

    UAI Guess Competition

    User: Undermyskin UAI guess: 99.2 Signed: 9 Dec 08 I kind of break my promise to return on 17th Dec 'cuz I know I won't be in no mood to get here. So get things over with now. Yo! I'm over HSC.
  7. Undermyskin


    This makes me want to give you a big hug, probably a real one if I'm going to Pharm. Plus at least someone has agreed that the question sounds ambiguous. Woo hoo! I'm leaving, guyz. See you all on 16th Dec. A big night until UAI is announced. :) A new life, HERE I COME!!!
  8. Undermyskin


    You're studying too much. Relax. OK, to become a negatively charged ion, an atom needs to gain electron. Gaining = reduced. So Cl2 is of the cathode.
  9. Undermyskin


    Poly tetra fluoro ethene: I did screw it up. As far as I know that I finally got the right answer but (!) I sort of crossed out like 3 times and ended up writing the results one line below the ...... It's just confusing 'cuz I keep looking at the second column. But it's maths, how further can it go?
  10. Undermyskin

    Estimate Raw Mark

    He's doing 12 units. 90+ *Finger cross* 91...92...95...?
  11. Undermyskin

    Multiple choice-Q14

    You forgot to find the CONCENTRATION of H+. You just found the mole and then fell into the trap. It's B
  12. Undermyskin


    Danz, just that your answer does look right. But since I'm not even sure what it really means, I can't confirm that you'll get 5/5 for it. But you haven't answered my question, we'll get marks if we can convince them? I just know that by mentioning "contaminants", you'll get a mark.
  13. Undermyskin


    WOW. Er, do you think that if you can persuade the marker to look in the way you interpreted the question, you'll still get marks?
  14. Undermyskin


    Now thinking back, I say it would be about using AAS and BOD or anything else to determine the level of impurities. Um not sure tho. This question is bloody ambiguous. Is it about filtration and the like? OMG!
  15. Undermyskin


    Crap. I'm totally stuffed. OMG. I know I stuffed up that water question. OK, So how do you answer it? I skipped it! :(