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    Stat 170 tutor

    Hey does anyone know any good 1 on 1 tutors for stat 170. Please email me at if there are any tutors out there. Cheers
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    BBA103 Assignment Forum

    Hows everyone going in the assignment?
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    Stat 170 - gnats

    Could anyone help me do Distribution of Averages-04403 in GNATS. I dont really understand this topic and its due 2mo. Any help with answering these questions would be much appreciated! Thanks heaps
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    B Business Admin Maquarie Verse B Business UTS

    Which course do your rekon is better? Any advice?
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    Bos Hsc Results

    Do you guys know how we receive our hsc results by sms? When can we register for it etc... Any help would be great thanks...
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    General Thoughts: Modern History 2008 HSC Exam

    Re: How was modern Exam? OMG i think i fuked up Conflict in europe. I knew jack shit. Fuking hell oh well. WW1, Trosky and Russia were ok though. Bloody conflict.
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    Economics... How was it...?

    What did u guys think?
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    Economics and Modern History Tomorrow!!!

    I'm ok at modern but only if the questions suit me. Economics im just average at. Far out can't believe they put these 2 subjects on the same day. But at least we will get 2 exams over and done with.
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    Economics and Modern History Tomorrow!!!

    How do you guys feel?
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    General Thoughts: Indonesian Beginner

    Well hopefully i do ok in modern history and i'm not quite sure how i will go in economics cause its one of my weaker subjects. I would like to do a bachelor of commerce at macquarie uni. Wish they had indo though :( Once we find out our indo results we got to stay in touch. How have you...
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    Modern History is nearing.

    For modern im awaiting: Russia and the societ union Leon Trotsky Conflict in Europe I hope the questions go my way...
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    significance of ranking?

    Yeh same what is the importance of ranking..
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    4 days to go i finish next tuesday!!!!!
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    2008 HSC Timetable

    Re: Modern History / Economics = Gayest Exam Day Ever! Yeh its bullshit that we have eco and modern on the same day. They require so much writing its fuked up. Oh well i guess we just have to do it.
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    Economics... Are you guys ready for the exam..?

    I got no idea how i'm going to go cause i got bloody economics and modern history on the same day which really sucks. With like a one hour gap in between the two exams. I got no idea how i'm going to split up my study time... damn it! :mad1: