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  1. veanz


    he could also be playing hard to get..
  2. veanz

    Most annoying book of all time

    DO NOT READ the bride stripped bare by whats her face. PUH-LEASE that whole 'anonymous' thing was such a publicity-ooh-it-must-be-controversial-if-the author doesnt want us to know who they are- stunt. i wanted to see what all the hype was about -- read the first 30 pages and its written...
  3. veanz

    What are you currently Reading?

    Middlemarch, 'George eliot' & re-living Roald Dahl :)
  4. veanz

    If you could be a book... Any book...

    i agree, except i dont want to be too random. perhaps a book thats been read many times, sold and bought many times in a second hand bookstore, has alot of passion like anna karenina. actually i'd be a tolstoy book. long live the nerds. though we may be laughed and dorked at, we are the ones...
  5. veanz

    pharmacy question

    hello dears, (im currently doing pharm) no need to worry about how high your stat score is, as long as it's >150, youre considered EQUALLY (theres no dif in your chances whether you stat score is 199 or 151) hehe maybe i'll see you all at the pharm tent on open day
  6. veanz

    piano music

    Debussy, Claire de Lune - is UNDENIABLY beautiful. i cried when i first heard it. When first playing it, its voice was so overwhelmingly moving i got the shivers. It's wonderfully blissful. Keep your ear out for it in that Chanel No.5 add with Nicole Kidman :) Debussy rocks my socks :uhhuh:
  7. veanz


    Was the aunt (anna? ava?) from full house? Full house, best show of the 90s i say :uhhuh:
  8. veanz


    if s/he's not around, phone sex..? :D
  9. veanz

    Reading room suggestions

    what does stickied mean?
  10. veanz

    Pride & Prejudice on the ABC in 2 wks!!

    Grant - ive had enough:http://www.smh.com.au/news/Entertainment/Grant-Ive-had-enough/2004/11/12/1100131162761.html dang - just when he was looking good and gotten rid of that floppy hair :p
  11. veanz

    What TO Read

    definitely agree with anna karenina, to kill a mocking bird and ulysses - THE BOOK OF THE 20TH CENTURY that covers every you theme thought possible with such vivacity -- maybe thats why its hundreds and hundreds of pages :) Oscar Wilde - the picture of dorian gray. its not just books -...
  12. veanz

    Pride & Prejudice on the ABC in 2 wks!!

    HES MINE! i suggest you place your slobberings elsewhere.. :p
  13. veanz

    Pride & Prejudice on the ABC in 2 wks!!

    Helen fielding says that BJD was based on PP - seeing the 2nd today, safe to say both BJD films have elements of PP :) colin firth...need i say more?
  14. veanz

    Bridget Jones's Diary - Edge of Reason!

    i thought it was great! light hearted, feel good for singletons - but the same sort of humour to the first :) ive decided i love hugh grant and colin firth in different ways :p but darcy is timeless
  15. veanz

    Does God Exist?

    youre failing to see that agnosticism is a point of view - validity is subjective. it's inclination when an agnostic wants to disprove God's existence by knowing and hence arguing it cannot be scientifically proven. But my point anyway, is that it you cannot argue science with religion or...