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  • Hopefully Avram notices me! I'd be very happy to have him as manager, particularly as he gave Leonard (19) & Jamie (18) game-time at Pompey.
    Thanks. I've been hearing some speculation that Govou will be moving to West Ham this transfer window :) Villa have a solid squad, they just need to supplement the likes of Milner, Gabby, Nathan, Ash with some new signings.
    I'm a Villain supporter, but if you think about it, my 'actual' team is West Ham :) Hopefully by the next time we talk, both Villa and West Ham have accomplished UCL action and EPL action for next season respectively. Cya.
    Villa has a pretty-easy last 5 matches. Hopefully your team qualifies for the UCL next season as they deserve it. I reckon if Villa get another striker/midfielder of decent quality into their squad, they will be an outside chance of making top 3 next season :)

    PS. I hope Gabby & John score a few against HULL.
    Hey mate. What are the chances of Villa finishing 5th, 6th or 7th?
    We could of possibly won that Fa Cup Semi-Final, particularly as Terry's tackle was close to a red-card.
    I should get a call-up soon as I was given the first-team squad number - 34. Tony Carr has given some great reviews to Zola about me.
    Oops sorry i logged off before i got your last 2 messages. Right now its 8:13 pm 29 January. You played with Stanislas thats amazing that youve played with people on the first team and on TV. Do you think youll get a call up soon or does the Youth Squad have alot of players?? Anyway good luck.
    mate. I got to play with Junior Stanislas in last season's youth squad...now he's in the first team :( I've played a few reserve games.
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