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    Prison Break (For people following US tv)

    Prison Break sucked, ever since the brothers, stupid as they are, had every chance to escape and disapear forever, to be over, but they didn't. I was of course referring to when they were on a friggin boat in Panama ready to leave. Scoffield just had to go out of his way from escaping himself...
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    laptop help

    Depending on how you format you HDD, you can use programs to search for wiped out files. You can do a quick format, nothing thorough, and then you can recover the files. But as you said there was a missing windows file which caused the HDD to not start up properly, it's better to connect it to...
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    I can't access part of this site

    When I try to access the Movies sub-forum in the Entertainment section of the forums, I just get a blank page. What's wierd is that I'm sure I can access every other part of the site, including the Music and Television/series sub-forums, and that I can see the the Movies sub-forum is active...
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    Michael Moore: full of fat or full of facts?

    No matter what you think of him, you can't deny that Moore is a fat tub of shit. So the real question is, does this fatty tell the real truth or not?
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    Early morning Vs. Late night Studying...

    Well, unlike yourself, I can stay up to as late as I want without my droziness becoming an serious impediment to my study, and no I do not look at the clock while studying. Looking at the clock is the last thing I want to do when I'm struggling to revise an entire subject for an exam in the...
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    What's your fav show on TV right now

    C'mon guys everyone's got a favourite show. Although some good shows such as Heroes and The Chaser are currently not on, I'm sure there are many other great shows. I watch TGYH, because some comedians are actually funny AKA Akmal and Angus Sampson. What shows do you like and why
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    Are you going to keep studying after trails?

    Yeah, eventually. But now? no way. I'm just going to enjoy this moment that there are no more exams until quite a while away. And I'm not im the mood to study anyway, doing terrible in the last exam.
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    Early morning Vs. Late night Studying...

    I find that staying up late at night to study is considerably better and has its advantages over waking up early. This is because when you wake up at, say 5am to study, you limit yourself to 2 hrs of cramming to 7am. However, if you start studying from around 11pm, you have the whole night ahead...
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    Frontline Script

    It is true, there is no script for Add Sex and Stir. It seems that the book is missing scripts for a few eps in season 1. The book is also missing the script for This Night of Nights, if you are doing it. All other eps are there though.
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    Hitman 47 movie!

    The trailer looked like it just slapped some random-ass bald guy to play 47. I am not impressed. I totally agree that Olyphant does not look nearly as bad as 47. Even in the few seconds where we catch a glimpse of the guy, he doesn't even act like 47 at all. And what's with the prophecy bullsh!t...
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    What games are you playing now during the holidays?

    Last game I played, which was a few holidays back, was Supreme Commander. Got it as soon as it was released. It's a mad game for anyone who likes strategy games. I also spent my time with Medieval II: Total War, trying to beat the game completely.
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    The flu

    See, you just don't get it do you? Who's to say that I actually purposely skipped exams on under the pretence of the flu in the first place? It's true that the people that skip tests are ' fucking cheating the system' which is wrong, though you are wrong because you can't hack that you took a...
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    The flu

    It seems that you forgot to take my comment as a joke, even going so far as to say that 'bludgers' like me will never study. It's people like you who live your lives in a impassive, narrow-minded, self-serving nature, only thinking about striving for the extra mark, and cutting down anyone who...
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    The flu

    Unfortunately for me, I usually contract the flu when exams or assignments are coming up. ;)
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    What have you eaten today?

    Steak pie Pizza Couple of apples Orange juice